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Maltby Genealogy - American Lineage - First Generation Immigrant


William and Rachel (WILLIAMSON), Hannah (HOSMER), Abigail (BISHOP) MALTBY

His Parents - John and Mary (WILLIASON) MALTBY

1st Spouse's Parents -

2st Spouse's Parents - Thomas and Frances (Unknown) HOSMER

3st Spouse's Parents - James and Mary (LEWEN) BISHOP

kids - Jaine , John , Mary , William , Elizabeth , Daniel , Samuel and Jonathan

---- Pictures related to William and Rachel, Hannah and Abigail MALTBY, etc.

C. William MALTBY, "Esqre", Judge, Gentleman, was born March 16, 1644/5, at East Retford, Nottinghamshire, England, second son of John Maltby, Alderman of East Retford, and his wife, Mary Williamson.

Major Ray Keyes Linsley, on p. 16 of his book "Connecticut Linsleys" gives the following record. "On Jan. 20, 1667-8", "The New Plantation and Church Covenant of Brain- ford, Conn." was signed. Among the signatures are the following:---

          Mich. Palmer             John Linsley, Jr. 
          John Linsley             William Maltby 
          Eleazer Stent            Francis Tyler 
          Peter Tyler              Daniel Swain 
          Mich. Taintor            Edward Frisbie 
          Francis Linsley          Thomas Harrison 
          William Hoadley          John Taintor." 

This date is obviously incorrect, as we know that in 1668, William Maltby had a tradesman's token, dated that year at Bawtry, Yorkshire; and it is in March, 1672, that John Maltby calls his brother, William, "now resident in New Haven in New England." It was on the 11th of Oct. 1686, that the town of Branford applied "for permission to embody into a church estate." William Maltby was chosen one of the delegates and his name is appended to the petition, and on the 12th of Sept. 1687, Mr. Samuel Russell accepted the call to the pastorate. Gillett in his Sermon, p. 10, mentions the "seven pillars" of the Church, namely:----------------------and women

     Samuel Russell (the minister)   Elizabeth Barker 
     Wm. Maltby                      Hannah Maltby 
     Eleazer Stent                   Sarai Blatchly 
     Samuel Pond                     Miriam Pond 
     Jnot. Frisbie                   Dorcas Taintor 
     Jno. Taintor                    Eliz. Stent 
     Peter Tyler                     Hannah Wheedon. 
At the same time joined 
     Danll Swain                     Eliz. Pamer 
     Aaron Blatchly                  Hannah Frisbie 
     Thos. Sargent                   Deliver's Rose 
     Samll. Betts                    Mary Betts 
                                     Ruth Frisby 
                                     Sarai Page 
                                     Sarah Cutarel 
                                     Jane Tyler. 
This was the reorganization of the Church, about 1688/9. 

Therefore our earliest record of William Maltby as being in New England is in New Haven, 29 March 1672, when his brother John Maltbie of New Haven in New England, engages in a bond for the payment of 35 pounds in pork and pease unto Mr. Richard Raymond of Saybrook, Conn., Mariner. John makes over to William "three horses, one croft on both ears, called Bonny, one bay horse and one black horse, one horse cart, etc., harness, one plow and irons, with a Terse of Rape seed, also one mare with her stock, at a place called Eaton's Neck on Long Island, also one cow now at home, and a heifer in the keeping of Thomas Mecker, also 4 pigs now at home, also one case of pistols and houlsters and one gun for his security in case any Danger Shall come to him, etc. Signed, sealed and Delivered in the presence of James Bishop. Witness, Martha Roundletell (her mark).

Returning to the good ship "Friends Adventure."

William Maltby's son, William, was Captain of this Brigantine, as shown in New Haven Rec., Vol. II, p. 52, under date:

"3 Dec. 1700. William Maltbie of New Haven, master of ye Brigan- tine ffriends Adventure." Shortly after this date William Maltby, Junior, lost his life in the West Indies. The Inventory of his Estate, June, 1701. This document mentions: "Debts due ye Estate in Barbadoes, # 35-13-7 1/2."

Rev. Jonathan (4) Maltby wrote: "Branford in those days (time of Benjamin (3) Maltby), was a thriving seaport; more business was done in Branford said Capt. Parish, an old gentleman, than in New Haven. The merchants, he said, purchased their West India goods in Branford. The farmers in Northford carried all there. It was the market for their wheat, rye, corn, flax, flaxseed, staves, hoops, etc. Flax and flaxseed was a great article. Captain Josiah Fowler and Jonathan Fowler, Benja- min Maltby (3), and others raised abundance for the market. In my boy- hood I went with my father (above Benjamin) when he carried his effects and was well pleased to see the vessels."

Note. Capt. Parish may have been a relative as Abigail (3) Maltby, daughter of Daniel (2) and aunt of Rev. Jonathan, mar. (2) Ephraim Par- ish. The mother of Rev. Jonathan was Elizabeth Fowler. An old box, covered with faded wall paper and marked on the back, "Benjamin Maltby, 1776," is owned by the compiler. It has a metal handle and may well be the box in which he carried papers on his trips from Northford to Bran- ford.

Selina Maltby, born 1794, grand-daughter of Samuel and Rosanna (Coe) Maltby, wrote: "One of the Maltbys owned three ships with cargos afloat at the same time."

(Pub. Rec. Conn.)

(p. 342) May 8, 1701. Court of Election. Mr. William Maltbie for Branford.

(p. 347) May, 1701. Justice of the Peace, and Quorum, appointed for New Haven Countie, Mr. William Malbie.

(Vol. II.)

(p. 65) April 30, 1701. At a Court of Probate, held at New Haven, Present William Maltbie, Jeremiah Osborne, John Alling, Esqre., Justices Quorum.

(p.142) May 26, 1701. A Town Meeting in Branford. The town have chosen and appointed Mr. Wm. Maltbie, Sergtnt Nath'l Foot and Edward Barker, Jr., a committee to provide a stock of powder and lead for the town as the law required and the town to engage to repay what they shall expend the next winter either in money or provisions at money price."

(p.358) Oct. 9, 1701. General Assembly at New Haven. Mr. Willa Malbie, for Branford.

(p.240) At a Court of Probate held in New Haven, Oct. 10, 1702, Present Major Moses Mansfield, Esquire Judge William Maltbie.

(p.372) May 14, 1702. General Assembly at Hartford. Mr. William Malbie, for Branford.

(p.378) May, 1702. Justice of the Peace and Quorum. Mr. William Malbie.

(p.390) May, 1702. This Assembly grants liberty to Mr. William

Malbie to buy four acres of land (and no more) of Jeofferie, an Indian belonging to Branford, which four acres of land is within Branford com- mon field at a place called Indian Neck."

(Branford Deeds, Vol. II, p. 161)

"24 June, 1702. Deed of Jeofry, the Indian, to Mr. William Maltby."

William's name is spelt Maltbie in this deed, excepting in one instance where it is Malthie.

The mark of Jeofry and John are rough drawings of a bow and arrow. Witnesses were: Francis Tyler

Benjamin Harrington. Note. I am told Harrington should be "ffarington." Note. The widow of John Farrington of Dedham, Mass., Mary Bullard, mar.

(2) ca. 1686-7, William Hoadley of Branford.

(Pub. Rec. Conn.)

(p. 395) 1702. General Assembly at New Haven. Mr. Will Malbie for Branford.

(p. 407) May 13, 1703. Court of Election, Hartford. Mr. Will Malbie for Branford.

(p. 414) May, 1703. Justice of the Peace and Quorum, William Malbie, Esq."

Nov. 7, 1703. Letter to Governor Treat of Milford, signed: *Josiah Resseter, John Alling, Wm. Maltbie and Jer. Osborn. (Winthrop


*Note. A "Colonel Rossiter was an officer in Cromwell's army.

(New Haven Court Rec., Vol. II, p. 89)

Oct. 10, 1702. At a Court of Probate, held in New Haven. Esquire Judge William Maltbie.

"Jan. 4, 1703-4. At a special court held at New Haven, Lycence is granted by this Court to ye worshipfull Mr. William Maltbie of Branford to retail strong drink in small parts.

(New Haven County Court Rec., Vol. II, p. 147)

Jeremish Osborne, Esqu., Judge.

Wm. Maltbie

John Alling

Eleazer Stent, Esqrs., Justices of the Quorum

(p. 467) May, 1704. Justice of Peace and Quorum

William Malbie.

(p. 468) May, 1705. Justice of Peace and Quorum

                                     Mr. William Malbie. 

(Pub. Rec. of Conn.)

(p. 499) May 10, 1705. General Assembly, Hartford. Mr. William Malbie for Branford.

(p. 521) Oct. 11, 1705. Act passed at General Assembly at Hart- ford, Mr. Will Malbye, for Branford.

(p. 532) May, 1706. Justice of Peace and Quorum. Mr. William Malbie.

May 9, 1706. At General Assembly, Hartford. Mr. William Malbie (and others) are by this Assembly appointed to be Justices of the Peace and Quorum in the Countie of New Haven.

(Branford Rec., Vol. II, p. 271)

Mar. 27, 1706. Agreement between Wm. Maltbie, Nathaniel Johnson, Nathaniel Payne and Daniel Payne for division of land.

Aug. 23, 1706. East Haven Reg., p. 30. Branford. Wm. Malbie, Clerk.

(Derby, Conn. Rec., p. 432)

May 12, 1707. Wm. Maltbie, Jus. Pece. Also-June 1, 1707. Wm. Malbie and Joseph Johnson, Witnesses; and

1709. "Wm. Maltbie, Justice of Pece."

(Branford Re., Vol. II)

(p. 333) April 2, 1708. Land laid out for Wm. Malbie (among others) the fifth allotment, fourth division.

(p. 337) Jan. 10, 1709-10. Agreement to draw for lots in 5th allotment, 4th division. Wm. Malbie, Nathaniel Johnson, Samuel Payne.

(Vol. III)

(p. 9) Mar. 16, 1709-10. At a meeting of the Proprietors of the town Mr. Wm. Malbie and Mr. Nathaniel Johnson were voted leave to take ten acres of land for the Payne children.

(p. 8) No date. Granted to Mr. Wm. Maltbie 2 acres of land which had failed to be entered and recorded previously.

1709 (from an old note-book). "Wm. Maltbe, 1709

                                     Council at New London." 
     Sept. 1, 1710.  Died.  William Maltbei, Esq. 

The tombstones of William Maltby, at Branford, and that of his wife, Abigail, which is beside him, read:--- "Here Lieth The "Here Lieth The

 Body of William                   Body of Mrs. Abigail 
 Maltbei, Esqr Who                 Maltbie Wife of 
 Died Septr ye 1                   William Maltbie, 
 A. D. 1710                        Esqrs, Died Oct. 
 Aged 65 years."                   ye 24 - 1710 
                                   Aged 51 Years." 

(Photographs possessed by the compiler of this book).

Spellings of the name in early records include: Malbey, Malbie, Malby, Malbye, Mallbier, Maltbe, Maltbei, Maltbey, Maltbye, Maltby, Maltbie, Malthie, Malbury, Maulby, Maultbey, Mawbley.

The following is an abbreviated table of some of the more important events in the life of William Maltby.

1645. Born.

1672-3.  Moved from New Haven to Branford. 
1673.  Cornet of New Haven County Troopers.  (N. B. or lieutenant.) 
1674.  Constable. 
1674.  Collector. 
1676.  Appointed twice to lay out land. 
1677-8.  Town collector. 
1677-8.  To lay out land. 
1678.  To lay out land. 
1678.  To view land. 
1679.  A Lister. 
1679.  Constable. 1679-80.  Auditor and Collector. 
1681-82.  To view the general fences. 
1680.  Constable. 
1681.  Towns man and to fortify the houses. 
1681.  To view the lands. 
1681.  To seat the people at church. 
1681-2.  Townsman. 
1682.  Made a Freeman of Connecticut Colony. 
1685.  Deputy or Representative. 
1686.  Deputy or Representative. 
1687.  Deputy or Representative. 
1689.  Deputy or Representative. 
1690.  Deputy or Representative. 
1691.  Deputy or Representative. 
1693.  Deputy or Representative. 
1694.  Deputy or Representative. 
1695.  Deputy or Representative. 
1696.  Deputy or Representative. 
1697.  Deputy or Representative. 
1698.  Deputy or Representative. 
1699.  Deputy or Representative. 
1700.  Deputy or Representative. 
1701.  Deputy or Representative. 
1702.  Deputy or Representative. 
1703.  Deputy or Representative. 
1705.  Deputy or Representative. 
1706.  Deputy or Representative. 
1687.  Commissioner. 
1688.  Commissioner. 
1690.  Commissioner. 
1691.  Commissioner. 
1693.  Commissioner. 
1694.  Commissioner. 
1697.  Commissioner. 
1689.  Justice of Peace. 
1698.  Justice of Peace. 
1701.  Justice of Peace. 
1702.  Justice of Peace. 
1703.  Justice of Peace. 
1704.  Justice of Peace. 
1705.  Justice of Peace. 
1706.  Justice of Peace. 
1710.  William Maltby, Esq., died.

Abstract of the Will of William Maltby, Esq. of Branford, Connecticut. Dated "28th August, 1710."

"First, I give unto my oldest son, John Maltby, all that house and land which I bought for him at Saybrook being all the lands I have there with appurtenances thereof, of which said house and land my said son now stands seized and possessed. Also to said son John Maltby my allotment of land which I bought of Capt. Merriman and Thomas Hall, about one hundred acres lying between the bounds of Wallingford and Middletown, and an equal share with the rest of my children in my commons and undivided lands within the town of Branford to be to him his heirs and assignes forever together with the several particulars of personal estate which are mentioned particularly in my book of accounts.

I give and bequeath unto my Grandson, William Maltby, son and heir of my son, William Maltby, deceased, the sum due to me on ballance of accounts between me and my son, William Maltby, deceased, as it stands in my account book provided by daughter in law, Elizabeth Maltby, nor my said Grandchild gives any trouble to my Executors or to any other children or heirs of mine respecting accounts depending between me and my said son, Wm. Malby, deceased. . .I give and confirm unto my said Grandson, William Malby, sixty four acres of land at that place called Tibbs hill in the third division in Branford..with the addition north ward adjoining those unto which said parcel of land with appurtenances thereof I give unto him my said Grandson, his heirs and assigns forever.

I give unto him, a horse, colt and mare colt of two years old.

I give and bequeath unto my loving son, Daniel Maltby all that house and land that he now stands in possession of in the town of Branford, the home lot being in quantity ten acres be more or less, also all my land at Mullimers Neck and my division there also. I further give my said son, Daniel all my land on brushy plains (this may be "Bushy") containing thirteen acres be it more or less, all which land and appurtenances my Will is shall be and remain to him his heirs and assignes forever.

I give and bequeath unto my loving son Samuel Maltby by orchard that lieth eastward of my now dwelling house in Branford from the street to the salt meadow to be to him, his heirs and assigns forever.

I give and bequeath unto my loving son, Jonathon Maltby, my mansion house I now dwell in within the precinct of Branford with the home lot of land thereto adjoining and belonging together with all housing, buildings, edifices and appurtenances thereunto belonging the before mentioned given to my son Samuel on the eastward side of it only excepted to be and belong to him his heirs and assigns forever.

I give and bequeath all my other lands arrable pasture or meadows not heretofore disposed of by me or devised in this my last will and testament within the precinct of Branford or elsewhere as the same shall appear on record to be equally divided to and between my sons Samuel and Jonathon Maltby and to be and belong to them and their, or each of their heirs and assigns forever.

I give unto my daughter, Jane Parker, the bed, bedstead, hangings and furniture thereof in my hall which were her mothers'.

I give and bequeath to my aforesaid sons, John Maltby and Daniel Maltby, the remainder of my fourth division lot beyond Tibbs Hill, part of it being sold to Capt. Fowler, to be equally divided between them.

Item. My will is that my right of commonage and undivided land within the town of Branford be equally divided to and among all my children.

I give to my daughter, Elizabeth Hoadley my cupborard with four drawers and long table.

Lastly my will is and I do hereby nominate and appoint my dear and loving wife, Abigail Maltby, my son Samuel Maltby to be joint Executors of this my last will and testament and I give unto my said dear wife the improvement of one third part of my real estate during her natural life, desiring her to take care to see my just debts duely paid and I al- so desire my loving brother, Mr. Samuel Bishop, to be overseer and give assistance in the execution of this my last will and testament. . .

. . .I hereunto set my hand and seal in Branford this twenty ninth day of August, Anno Domini 1710, in the ninth year of her majesty's reign. I, the said Wm. Maltby do also bequeath five pounds to my son John Maltby's eldest son, and five pounds to each of the rest of my eldest grandson now living to be paid at money value by my Executors, and also five shillings apiece to each of my grandchildren.

Wm. Maltby (Seal.) Signed, sealed and published as the last will and testament by the sub- scriber in the presence of us.

                                Jeremiah Osborne. 
                                Samuell Pond. 
                                Uzall Wardell 
                                Miriam Pond 
"Appeared the witnesses to the last will and testament of Wm. Maltby, Esqr., late of Branford, deceased, and made oath that they saw the said Wm. Maltby, Esqr., sign, seal and publish ye will as his last will and testament and that he was of sound mind and understanding when he so did according to the best of their judgment, wherupon the Court accept and allow of said will and order it to be entered on record.

Test. John Winston, Clerk." (Certified copy of William Malby's will can be seen on pp. 257, 258, 259 "Maltby-Maltbie Family" Pub. 1916).

Note. Mehitabel (4) Maltby, John (3), John (2), Wm. (1), married Jeremiah Osborn, a descendant of above Jeremiah.

Uzall Wardell was, apparently, son of Usal Wardell, bpt. 1639, Ipswick, Mass., who mar. 1664, Mary Kinsman. The will of her father, Robert Kinsman, London, Eng. Jan. 23, 1664, calls Mary, wife of Uswell Wardell. Robert also mentions: "Cousin Richard Nicolls." Could this be Gov. Richard Nicolls of 1666-7 letter, which mentions "Mr. (John) Malbye."

Abstract of the Inventory of the estate of William Maltby, Esq., 2d day of Novem. 1710.

                                                        #     s     d House, barn and other buildings with a part of the 
     homestead on which the said buildings stand.     215 
The home lot east of the house                         35 
15 acres of plow land at Scotch Cap                    45 
About 8 acres of salt meadow at Scotch Cap             32 
About 12 acres of rough land at Scotch Cap              6    12 
9 acres of land at Great Plain                         36 
5 acres of land at Indian Neck                         20 

                                                         #     s     d 
2 acres of meadow at Indian Neck                        9 
3 1/2 acres of land at point lot                        7 
3/4 acre of meadow                                      3 
3 acres of Salt Meadow at Peters bridge                13    10 
A small parcel of fresh meadow                          1 
1 acre of Salt Meadow in the mill quarter               5 
24 acres of Cow pasture                                48 
100 acres of land lying between the bounds of Wal- 
     lingford and Middletowne                          50 
70 acres of land at Sea Hill                           35 
About 100 acres of land at Sibbes                     100 
     (Was this the Tibbs Hill of Will? I think 
     Sibbes is correct. The compiler). 
8 acres of land at Cravery Swamp                        8 
     (I think this should be Cranberry 
     Swamp. The compiler). 
Arms and ammunition                                     4     8     4 Wearing apparel, woolen and linen                      23     4     6 
A Flute                                                             6 
Ivory headed cane                                             6 
Silver headed cane                                           12 
A negro man                                            45 
A negro woman                                          30 
2 pictures                                                   10 
A great looking glass                                   1 
A great Bible                                           3 
More books                                              1    10 
A bed, bowlster, fringe, covering, curtains, 
     Valany, bedstead and cord                          8 
A great table                                                12 
6 leather chairs                                             24 
6 other chairs                                          1     4 
2 chairs                                                      8 
More books                                              1    10 
A chest with drawers                                    3 
Another chest                                                 4 
A little trunk                                                8 
A desk                                                        4 
Pair of Andirons                                             13     4 
2 Pairs of Tongs                                              4 
Fire shovel                                                   6 
A toasting iron                                               1     8 Candle stick                                                  7     6 
An hour glass                                                 1 
Chairs                                                       16 
Table                                                         5 
Sadle and bridal                                             16 
3 Forks                                                       2 
Trenchers                                                     2     8 Spoons 
A Chest                                                       4 
Bed, bedstead & furniture                               7    16 
Another bed and furniture                               6 
Another bed and furniture                               2    15 

                                                        #     s     d 
Table                                                         6 
Chest                                                         5 

Ink horn                                                            6 Sealing wax                                                         6 
40 sheep                                               12 
16 sheep                                                3 
Wheat in the straws                                     2     2 
Rye in the straw                                        1     8 
Oats                                                    1    10 
Peas                                                    3    10 
Indian Corn                                             4    10 
Winter Corn                                            13 
Flax, undressed                                         1    10 
19 loads of Hay                                        11    10 
Mault                                                   1    13     4 
Hops                                                         14     8 
40 lbs. Tallow                                          1 
Casks an Cyder                                         13     3 
A cask of Rum                                           8     3     2 
White sugar                                                   2     6 
More sugar                                                    9 
*8 bushels of Salt                                      2     4 
Buttons                                                      15 
4 1/2 doz buttons                                             2     3 

and much more.  The complete Inventory 
was printed on pp. 261, 262, 263 and 
264, in the "Maltby-Maltbie Family," 
pub. 1916. 

Total amount of Inventory, # 1058-7-10. 

Samuell Maltby, Exr., sworne 
     according to law. 
Nathanll Harrison 
Thomas Shepard         apprisers." 

* The "eight bushels of salt" is interesting, as Rev. John (4) Maltby, Wm. (3), Wm. (2), Wm. (1), b. 1727, New Haven, was the second Presbyterian Minister at Bermuda, W. I. in 1750. Many of his congregation were in the habit of migrating every year to Turks Islands for the salt raking business there. About 1764 their rights were being assailed by the Bahamas Government.

Aged witnesses were called to testify to the fact that Bermudians might be said to be the first discoverors of the islands, and that as far back as 1678, they had been making annual visits to them for the purpose of salt raking.

Reb. John Maltby appears among those witnesses. It would seem probable that he knew an ancestor had been engaged in this quest for salt.

After the death of William Maltby there was some litigation over the estate as shown by a New Haven Probate Record, viz:---

"John Maltbie of Saybrook, one of the legatees of Mr. William Maultby, late of Branford, Dec'd, did offer ye evidence of Samuel and Miriam Pond to show that through the Neglect of ye Scribe In writing ye will of said Dec'd., there was an omition of some Particular grants to ye said John Maultbie and his brother Daniell. But insomuch ty none of yet Interests were present nor cited to bee, ye Court do decline acting in ye affair."

(Vol. IV, p. 94)

"The Testymonie of Samll Pond and Miriam Pond. These Deponents testyfie and say they being with Mr. William Maultby of Branford, Dec'd, when he, said Maultby made his last will, heard said Maultby say he gave sixty four acres of his land at Sebb hil to his grandson, William Maltby and ye reminder of his said land at Sebee hil he gave to his son John and his son Daniel to be divided between them and farther saith at Guilford, July 23rd, 1712, the above named Samuel Pond and Miriam Pond made solemn oath to ye truth of the above written testymony before Abraham Fowler, Asst. John Maltby, of Saybrook. Who desires ye above testymonie affirmed to me ye subscriber yt he had notified all ye persons concerned in ye above William Maltby's estate to be present at time and place above said, but none of them present.

                                   Test. Abraham Fowler, Asst. 

A second record reads: "At a Court of Probate held at New Haven, ye 1st Monday of January 1710-11.

                                 Present John Alling, Esqre, Judge 
                                         Warham Mather, Esq. 
                                         Abraham Bradley, Just. Mr. William Maltby. 

"Mr. Joseph Tuttle on behalf of John Maltby, Daniel Maltby, David Parker in right of his wife, and Abraham Hoadley in right of his wife, some of the heirs of William Maltby, Esq., late of Branford, deceased, decried the Court to grant letters of administration on the goods and Chattels of ye said deceased. The Court after thor' consideration there of do not see cause to grant an administration on the goods and chattels of said deceased from this deny all the said John Maltby, Daniel Maltby, David Parker and Abraham Hoadley appeals to the Court of Assistants to be held at Hartford in May next. John Maltby, Daniel Maltby, David Parker and Abraham Hoadley, principals, and Matthew Gilbert and Samuel Cooper surety's acknowledge themselves bound jointly and severally in a recognisance of Forty pounds lawful money of the colony of Conn., to the Court of Probates for ye county of New Haven, to prosecute their said appeale to the effect and answer all damages in case they make not their plea good." (Vol. III, p. 252, New Haven Probate records).

Note. Hartford has no record of this case which was scheduled for "May next."

It seems to the compiler that John and Daniel Maltby, Jane Maltby who married David Parker and Elizabeth Maltby who married Abraham Hoadley, were all children of William Maltby's first wife Rachel.

Mary, daughter of William, was born in 1672, and is said to have died young, and William Maltby's 2nd son, William, was born in 1673, and died nine years before his father. His son, William, born 1700, was but ten years old when his grandfather died and was provided for in his will of 1710.

Regarding the wives of William Maltby.

We know his first wife was Rachel--from the birth record of their daughter "Jaine," b. at Bawtry, Yorks, 29 Oct. 1669. The possibility that she was Rachel Williamson, a cousin through William's mother, Mary Williamson, has been shown in the English records in this book. The fact that William Maltby's daughter, Elizabeth, b. 1673, (mar. Abraham Hoadley), names her first child "Rachel," which does not appear to be a name in the Hoadley family, leaves one to conclude Elizabeth was a daugh- ter of Rachel.

The next child of William Maltby was Daniel, b. 1679--three years after Elizabeth. I am inclined to think, for reasons previously given, that he also was a son of Rachel, who I think, died soon after his birth and was buried in the Old Graveyard beside Centre Church in New Haven. There we have the record, just given, of "John Maltby and Daniel Maltby" in the litigation over William Maltby's will, which strengthens my belief that they were brothers by the same mother.

I do not think there were any children by Hannah Hosmer, second wife of William.

Hannah Hosmer was born "about 1639." She mar. (1) Josiah Willard of Wethersfield, Mar. 20, 1657, and they had eight children. He d. in July, 1674. Hannah was a daughter of Thomas Hosmer, b. Jan. 2, 1603, at Hawkhurst, Co. Kent, England. To Cambridge, Mass., 1632. His children were by his first wife, Frances--Thomas Hosmer was a son of Stephen Hosmer, of Hawkhurst, Kent, and his wife Dorothy Selden, dau. of William and Mary (Apes or Appes) Seldon. Another authority states: "Stephen Hosmer, b. 1570, bp. Dec. 26, 1570, Ticehurst, Sussex, mar. Jan. 25, 1601-2, Dorothy Seldon. Stephen was a son of James , d. 1605 and wife Agnes, who was bur. Sept. 9, 1614." (Hosmer Gen. of Ticehurst, Sussex, pub. 1928). Dorothy Seldon's ancestry has been traced back several generations by Col. Seldon of Oil City, Penn.

William Maltby's third wife was Abigail Bishop, who was mother of Samuel, b. 1693, and Jonathan, 1698. Abigail Bishop was born Oct. 30, 1659. She mar. (1) John Talmadge, Nov. 18, 1686. He died in 1690.

Abigail was a daughter of Deputy Governor James Bishop, who arrived in New Haven in 1647; Secretary of the Colony, 1651; Secretary General Court, 1663; Representative, 1665, in the first session after the union with Connecticut; Assistant, 1668; Deputy Governor, 1683 until his death June 24, 1691. He married Mary Lewen, whose mother Margaret Lewen, b. 1614, was a widow. Margaret m. (2) Capt. George Lamberton, of the "Phanton Ship," and (3) Deputy Governor, Stephen Goodyear. Note. An interesting English item follows: "William Lewyn of Otteringion, near Maidstone, Kent, had son, Sir Justinian and daus. Anne and Judith. Anne mar. Lawrence Washington and Judith mar. Sir John Isham. They had a son Justinian Isham, bpt. 1610-1611."

In "Conn. Hist. Soc., Pub. Vol. III, p. 306," there is a sketch of Branford; in it is the following item:

"The principal gentlemen of this town were Mr. Topping, Esq. John Wilford, William Maltbie, Esq., Edward Barker, William Russell, Esq., and others."

"Rocky's Hist. of New Haven Colony," states:---

"Another settler of prominence was William Maltby, who for a long time was one of the justices of the quorum and usually called Judge Maltby. Samuel (2) Maltby graduated from Yale and also became prominent in affairs. Most of this family removed?

In "Dexter's 'Biog. and Annals of Yale College'," we find:---

William Maltby is referred to as "Capt. William Maltby." He may have had this rank, or may have been confused with his son William who was a sea captain.

Ralph D. Smith in a letter dated "Guilford, Conn., 1866," says of William and John Maltby:--

"They belonged to the rank of gentleman, and were both engaged in commercial pursuits. John confined his business principally to the sea, and William engaged both on the sea and the land."

Henry Rogers of New Haven, aged 84, wrote the compiler:

"William Maltby was a justice of the quorum (or judge of the county court) at the time of his death in 1710, and had been for some twelve years before.

He was a man of much influence in his day in Branford. . .He was without question of doubt one of the men that were looked upon as the men that were qualified to be leaders of the people in the government of the Colony. . .I noticed his stone at the Branford Cemetery--it looks well."

Family Group SheetWilliam & Mary BISHOP or Rachall WILLIASON

Family Group SheetWilliam & Hannah HOSMER

Family Group SheetWilliam & Abigail BISHOP

     Children of William and Mary (BISHOP) MALTBY, Esqre.
Ca.  Jaine      bp. Oct. 29, 1669, at Bawtry, Yorks, England.
CB.  John       b. 1670 (See Tombstone) Rec. by Ralph D. Smith.
Cc.  Mary       b. May 1, 1672, New Haven, Conn. "died young."
CD.  William    b. Jan. 9, 1673, New Haven, Conn.
Ce.  Elizabeth, b. Apr. 30, 1676, Branford, Conn.
CF.  Daniel     b. May 19, 1679, Branford, Conn.
     Children of William and Abigail (BISHOP) MALTBY, Esqre.
CG.  Samuel     b. Aug. 7, 1693, Branford, Conn.  
CH.  Jonathan   b. July 26, 1698, Branford, Conn.  












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