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Maltby Genealogy - American Lineage - Sixth Generation

Charles Benjamin and Elizabeth (HIGLEY) MALTBIE

His Parents - Elon and Hannah (OSBORN) MALTBY

Spouce Parents -

kid - infant dau. , twin dau. , Mary Elizabeth , Seraph Elizabeth , Mary Alice , Charles Higley and Carrie Belle

---- Pictures related to Charles Benjamin and Elizabeth MALTBIE, etc.

CFG-FGF. Charles Benjamin MALTBIE, b. May 20, 1821, Norfolk (Elon 5, Benj.4, Dan.3, Dan.2, Wm.1). m. May 22, 1848, Elizabeth HIGLEY of Canaan, Ct., who died May 27, 1907 at Falls Village, Ct. He d. May 10, 1884, at Falls Village.

He wrote from Falls Village, Dec. 24, 1867, as follows:

Two brothers by the name of Maltby or Maltbie as some write, of the race, came to Saybrook, Conn., in the year, 1726.

Their names were John or Joseph (I know not which) and Benjamin. In proof of the fact that the elder was named John or Joseph, I have now in my possession a Sea-chest, marked J. M. 1726, on the front of it, the old English standing for J. as well. This Chest was willed to me in a formal manner by one Abram Hodgkin a descendant of the elder brother in whose possession it had come by way of his mother. These facts are mostly derived from him.

He says that the elder John had a son John and several daughters; that this son John had five daughters and no son, consequently all the present race of the name of Maltby must have descended from the second brother Benjamin who had sons and daughters a plenty---

I understand that Benjamin 2nd removed to Branford, Conn., and that there our own Grandfather settled in Norfolk, and I suppose that the other brothers, Zacheus and Daniel also made a stop there but that they removed from that place and went north long before our grandfather went westward, in the wake of the Star of Empire.

According to my information as to the race of John, I find that John, 2nd had five daughters as I have said before and no son, of these daughters, one of the name of Abby married a John Cornfill of New Haven, Ct., but died at Armiwell(?) N.Y. One married Col. Lyon of New Haven, Ct. Hetty married a Mr. Osborne of New Haven, Ct. and one I have not accounted for.

Of the girls of John the first, one, Hannah, married Abraham Hodgkin of Guilford, Ct., who had five sons and two daughters. One of the sons, Abram by name, gave me most of the above history and bequeathed to me the chest before spoken of, and who died in Cornwall, Conn. some fifteen years since at an advanced age.

Some years since while in New York on business I found a person whose mother was a Maltby and he was of the impression that his ancestor was one "William Maltby, and that he landed at New Rochell, N.Y. with some Huguenots from France, and that he had a commission under Washington and that it was signed by John Hancock.

As for the Huguenot tradition I have had that from some source before as the origin of our race and in this wise, viz. that the original brothers, or their ancestors, left North of France during the Huguenot persecution and landed in Wales on "the West of England, where they remained and afterwards came to America, of the worth of this it is hard to tell at this late day. Still it is the most probable version as New Rochelle was founded in 1625 by Huguenots at the time of the great emigration."

Note by the compiler. There are various errors in this record. The connection with Dudleys came through Benjamin (4) Maltbie's wife, Abigail Munger who was a dau. of Reuben and Elizabeth (Dudley) Munger. "John Cornhill" should be Cornwall.

Tradition, is of course, purely a matter of handing down information from parent to child, so it is not possible ever to determine how far back a "tradition" dates. It is true that the first Maltby ancestor in England came from the north of France. As for the "landing in Wales"--and another Maltby descendant has it that their Maltby ancestor came from Wales--I may say I have only two references to the name connected with Wales, viz.

"A.D. 1226. (Fest of Fines, Lincolnshire. Edithde Malteby, and apparently her sisters, Alice and husband, Swan Cose, Lecia and husband, Walter de Ponte, Ellen and husband, William Fiske, (and John de Baiocis, plaintiff) were deforciencts. They were expected to provide "for every army in Wales a horse, a sack for carrying a load. . . .and that they should summon all the knights of the Barony throughout the whole of Lincoln. And that they should carry a hatchet to cut and burn wood before him in the Army of Wales." These services and customs they did not acknowledge.

The only other reference was of a Maltby living in Flint, Wales, about 1900.

An old newspaper clipping, probably before 1906(?) is headed: "Maltby Wins Tierney Cup.

Defeats W. W. Gile in Final Round at Wykagyl Country Club. New Rochelle, N.Y. Oct. 8. Finishing with the narrow margin of 1 up, F. C. Maltby defeated W. W. Gile in the final round for the Tierney cup on the links of the Wykagyl Country Club today."

There is also a clipping "Special to the New York Times.

               Tallman - Maltby.

Greenwich, Conn. May 4---In the presence of fifty guests Mrs. Isabel Maltby of New York and John Tallman of New Rochelle, N.Y. were married in the First Presbyterian Church here this afternoon by the Rev. Dr. Charles G. Sewall, pastor of the Presbyterian Church of Rye, N.Y.

A reception and supper at the Pickwick Arms for relatives and intimate friends followed the ceremony."

Insofar as is known, no other references have been given for Maltby in Wales, or of New Rochelle, New York.

Mr. Charles Benjamin Maltbie's picture is on p. 345, of the Maltby-Maltbie Family History; and the picture of the Maltby SeaChest is on p. 269.

     Children of Charles Benjamin Maltbie and Elizabeth Higley:
CFG-FGF-a.  Infant dau.               b. Mar. 8, 1849, New Haven, Vt.;
                                         d. Mar. 8, 1849.
CFG-FGF-b.  (Twin dau.                b. June 4, 1850, Canaan, Ct.;
                                         d. June 4, 1850.
CFG-FGF-c.  (Mary Elizabeth Maltbie,  b. June 4, 1850;
                                         d. Aug. 27, 1850.
CFG-FGF-d.  Seraph Elizabeth Maltbie, b. Mch. 18, 1852, Falls Village, Ct.
CFG-FGF-e.  Mary Alice          "     b. Oct. 7, 1854     "      "      "
CFG-FGF-F.  Charles Higley      "     b. Sept. 22, 1858   "      "      "
                                         d. Jan. 4, 1878     "      "      "
CFG-FGF-g.  Carrie Belle        "     b. Jan. 27, 1867    "      "      "
     (Rec. by Charles B. Maltbie and his dau. Seraph Elizabeth Maltbie).


Dorothy's Maltby Manuscript


Infant dau.

Twin dau.

Mary Elizabeth

Seraph Elizabeth

Mary Alice

Charles Higley

Carrie Belle


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