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Maltby Genealogy - American Lineage - Fifth Generation

Zacheus and Reunah (BURCHARD) MALTBIE

His Parents - Daniel and Margaret (MUNSON) MALTBY

Spouce Parents -

Kids - Ezra Burchard , Mercy , Daniel , Lester , Alanson Thomas and Margaret Ann

---- Pictures related to Zacheus and Reunah MALTBIE, etc.

CFG-BE. Zacheus Maltbie, b. Aug. 19, 1774; bp. Sept. 18, 1774, at Norfolk, Conn. (Dan.4, Dan.3, Dan.2, Wm.1). He m. April 5, 1797, Reunah BURCHARD, b. May 22, 1777. She was of New Marlborough, Mass.

Miss Lucy Ann Morton wrote: "Reunah Burchard was the daughter of David and Mercy Burchard. She had two brothers, Ezra and Amos Burchard." The 1790 Census. New Marlborough, Mass., has:

"David Burchard. 7 in family." David Burchard was a Rev. War soldier.

Miss Lucy Ann Morton, daughter of Mercy (6), remembers her grandfather, Zacheus, and grandmother, Reunah. She states:

"They came overland from Lee, Mass., to Groton City, N.Y., and had to clear the land to build, as it was all wooded land at that time. Mother" (Mercy Maltby) "was seven years old when they came from Massachusetts." (About 1807 when they went to Groton).

Returning to Massachusets.

In 1797, Zacheus bought land in Lee, Mass., and is described as of New Marlborough. In 1800 he is of Lee, Mass.

1802. Zacheus Maltby was appointed a fence viewer at Lee, Mass., March 1, 1802.

Elected constable and collector in 1805, 1806, Nov. 30.

In 1807. The town appointed a committee to settle with him, or choose a collector to suceed him.

Also in 1807, he and his wife Reunah, sell land in Lee to Amos Birchard of New Marlborough. It is evident they sold just prior to leaving for New York State, as in 1808, his "cattle mark" is recorded for another person.

(Bk. 45, p. 317) In the "March 1, 1808, Deed. Amos Burchard of New Marlborough, hatter, purchased land of Zacheus Maltby, situated in Lee, Mass."

Zacheus Maltbie settled at Summer Hill, Cayuga Co., N.Y., and built himself a house that was quite complete for those days.

Miss Clara E. McGeer (Arietta Montgomery Wilson (7), Margaret(6), Zacheus (5), tried to obtain a photograph of the house, unsuccessfully. Her decription follows:--

"The house, of which only a part of the original, is standing. Formerly there was quite a building in the rear but it has either blown or been torn down. It is one and a half stories high.

Some of the wall decorations are still to be seen, trees, birds, and pictures painted on the walls. (All are painted and not papered, you understand).

Last summer the great big fireplace was boarded up, but I remember the old fashioned brick oven, and what was called a "recess" built off the living room. Margaret Ann Maltbie was born there."

Miss McGeer's father also remembers Zacheus Maltbie and says:

"He was a hatter, and used to trap for mink and muskrat which he made into fur hats by the old 'hand process'--people came from Auburn and other places to have him make their hats."

Melville Barry Smith (Reunah B. (7), Ezra (6), Zacheus (5), prior to his death, wrote:"Grandfather," (his great-grandfather, actually), "Zacheus Maltbie was a hat maker. I can just remember his showing me some hats he took off a shelf and telling me he made them." Sylvester Daniel Maltbie (Ezra (6), Zacheus (5)), wrote:

"Father, Ezra B. Maltbie, served in the War of 1812 for grandfather Zacheus--father being only fourteen or fifteen when he enlisted."

James M. Maltbie (Daniel (6), Zacheus (5)), wrote:--

"Grandfather was known and called by nearly everybody, "Uncle Zack." I have forgotten his father's name. I have heard him say that his parents lived in, or near, Lee, Mass. He moved into this State" (N.Y.) "when my father" (Daniel) "was very young, locating in the town of Groton, Tompkins Co., N.Y., but finally moving to Summer Hill, Cayuga Co., where he died.

He was a hatter by trade, and my father worked with him. He used to hunt and trap for furs, and was also a noted fisherman. He was a good singer, genial and a good story-teller, so the young people all delighted to get Uncle Zack telling stories."

In the "Maltby-Maltbie Family History," on p. 330, is a portrait of Zacheus Maltbie; p. 331, a portrait of his wife, Reunah Burchard; p. 333, portrait of their son, Ezra Burchard Maltbie, and their dau. Mercy Burchard Maltbie, also their son Daniel Maltby and dau. Margaret Ann Maltbie.

Heirlooms of Zacheus Maltbie.

(p. 335) Cherry stand with glass knobs. The cover on the stand is yellow and white check linen--woven by Reunah (Burchard) Maltbie wife of Zacheus. The candlestick also belonged to Mrs. Maltbie. The chair is of maple or birch, with woven cord seat, both later belonged to their daughter Margaret. The walking stick belonged to Zacheus Maltbie.

I have a note that in 1808, "Zacheus described himself as of Locke in the County of Cayuga, N.Y."

A letter from Mrs. Alfred H. Beach, genealogist, of Casper, Wyoming, says: "David Burchard came from Lynighar (?) in 1775. His wife Mercy, is given in records as 'Mahsey'."

     Children of Zacheus Maltbie and Reunah Burchard:
VI.755.  Ezra Burchard Maltbie, b. Apr. 1, 1798, Lee, Mass.
VI.756.  Mercy            "     b. Feb. 9, 1800   "    "
VI.757.  Daniel           "     b. May 22, 1802   "    "
VI.758.  Lester           "     b. Oct. 5, 1806.
VI.759.  Alanson Thomas   "     b. Jan. 21, 1809.
VI.760.  Margaret Ann     "     b. Oct. 8, 1817.


Dorothy's Maltby Manuscript Parents

Ezra Burchard




Alanson Thomas

Margaret Ann


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