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Maltby Genealogy - American Lineage - Eighth Generation

Birdsey Lucuis and Morris W. (BANCROFT) MALTBIE

His Parents - Lucius Harvey and Kevilla (BROWN) MALTBIE

Spouce Parents -

kid - Harriet Bancroft

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CFG-BBC-CB. Birdsey Lucuis MALTBIE, b. Sept. 19, 1864 (Lucius H.7, Birdsey 6, Jehiel 5, Dan.4, Dan.3, Dan.2, Wm.1). Mar. Oct. 20, 1897, Emma D. BANCROFT, at Buffalo, N.Y., dau. of Morris W. BANCROFT. Mr. MALTBIE d. Mar. 1942 at Altamonte Springs, Florida.

CFG-BBC-CBa. Harriet Bancroft MALTBIE, b. July 27, 1904, Summit, New Jersey.

          (She died, but I do not have the date)

Mr. Birdsey L. MALTBIE, in 1916, published at his private expense, the "MALTBY-MALTBIE Family History."

For this generous assistance to all Maltbys, he was made an Honorary member of the MALTBY-MALTBIE Family Association--(founded 1906)-- without dues.

At an early age Mr. MALTBIE began his life work in a drug store, was graduated from the Albany College of Pharmacy, class of 1885, with highest honors. He was elected President of the College Alumni in 1915.

In 1888 he started in the drug business in a small way, for himself, and later in partnership with his brother, Ralph Hudson MALTBIE. They began the manufacture of pharmaceutical preparations, which business was later incorporated as The MALTBIE Chemical Company, and which is now a thriving organization with laboratories at Newark, New Jersey.

Mr. MALTBIE is the author of "MALTBIE's Practical Pharmacy" and editor of several other publications.

In 1915 he was elected President of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Chemists.

At one time the family resided at East Orange, N.J., later removing, permanently, to their winter home at Altamonte Springs, Florida.

(Mr. MALTBIE's picture is on p. 373, MALTBY-MALTBIE Family. The compiler owns photos of Mrs. MALTBIE and Harriet, also pictures of their delightful home in Florida.) Newspaper clipping. Abstract.

To Honor Guest
	At Altamonte.

Chamber of Commerce Makes Him Life Member at New Year Celebration.

The Altamonte Springs Chamber of Commerce held a memorable meeting on the last evening of the old year, the feature of the evening being the presentation by the Chamber of a beautiful hand illuminated address to B. L. MALTBIE, Mayor of Altamonte and Mrs. Maltbie, recent doners to the town of a Community Club House. The address contained the gift of a life membership in the Chamber and is signed by the officers and all the members.

The text is as follows:--

"With the closing of the old year and the birth of a new, we know of no more fitting manner in which to express our friendship and love for you than to present to your this certificate of Life Membership in the Altamonte Springs Chamber of Commerce as a token of our appreciation of your gift to the citizens by presenting them with this beautiful club house.

Kindness is the lamp that lights the world and certainly the brilliancy of the lamp you have lighted in Altamonte Springs made clear the way to closer friendship and desire for mutual unity of community interests of all our people than has ever before been attempted since the organization of our town. Your generosity at all times to all worthy movements, as well as your sterling manhood and womanhood has so endeared you to our hearts that the end of time alone will efface you from our memories.

We feel, and all Altamonte Springs feels, distinctly honored having you as citizens, and this Chamber of Commerce owes you a debt of gratitude that strive as we may can never be repaid. But those of us now living and those to follow will never cease in their efforts to prove themselves worthy of your friendship in this organization. What the future holds in store for you, whatever it be, happiness or sorrow, remember the hearts of all are with you always."


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