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Maltby Genealogy - American Lineage - Fourth Generation

Daniel and Margaret (MUNSON) MALTBY

His Parents - Daniel and Esther (MOSS) MALTBY

Spouse Parents -

Kids - Anne , Daniel , Sally , Zacheus and Hannah

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CFG-B. Daniel MALTBY, b. Jan. 7, 1742 (Dan.3, Dan.2, Wm.1).

(Goshen Staticis and Family Hist., by Lewis M. Norton, Vol. I, p. 548/549)

"Daniel MALTBY, from Branford. He made his first purchase in Goshen of Jeremiah Howe, April 7, 1764. He is called: "Daniel Maltbie, Jr. of Branford," 60 acres west of Marshy pouge stream. (Branford Rec.)

"Nov. 8, 1761. Daniel MALTBIE, Jun., admitted to the Church." He m. Dec. 22, 1763, Margaret MUNSON, dau. of Mrs. Phebe Munson (she was Phebe Merriman) widow of Moses MUNSON. She m. (2) 9 April 1752, Josiah Bartholomew of Branford, Conn. (Ref. Merriman Gen.,p.152)

By 1776, Daniel MALTBY was of Norfolk, Conn. Norfolk Records were kindly furnished by Mrs. Nellis Russell Cordie Carter, wife of the Rev. Williston Carter, of Norfolk, Conn.

"admitted to the Church by letter. Daniel and Margaret Maltbie, July 17, 1768." (Margaret Munson was born at Wallingford, Conn.) They joined from another church. (From MUNSON Genealogy)

"Moses Munson was married by Mr. Whittlesey, 16 July, 1739 to Phebe, dau. of Moses Merriman, b. 27 March 1720. He died apparently in 1750, certainly before 13 Aug. 1750. Resided at Wallingford, Conn. Dau. Margaret, born 14 April 1744; mar. Dec. 22, 1763, Daniel Maltbie, Jun., "both of Northford in Branford;" resided Litchfield Co., Conn. (Branford Rec. Vol. "1695", p. 180)

"1763, Dec. 22, Dan'l Mallbie, Jun. and Margaret MUNSON, both of Northford, by Rev. Warham Williams." "Dec. 5, 1767. Daniel Maltbie of Goshen, buys land in Norfolk, Conn." "May 5, 1768. Daniel Maltbie, Norfolk, exchanges land.

Margaret MUNSON in Nov. 1752, received a share of her father's estate, and something by the will of her grandfather, 1765. In 1766 she united with her mother, brothers John and Thomas E., in selling 1 1/2 acres bounded N. on Samuel Munson, W. on Joshua Munson (her uncle) and S. on Caleb (minor son of Moses Munson).

"Daniel Maltbie, died at Norfolk, Jany 19, 1779, ae 37." (Tombstone)

"In 1779-July 5. Mrs. Margaret Maltbie was appointed administrator on the estate of Daniel Maltbie, late of Norfolk, deceased. Total # 844-16-0. Dec. 3, 1787. For distribution.

To Mrs. Margaret Eno, widow of said Daniel Matbie. 
To Anna, eldest daughter, now wife of Samuel Stevens. 
To Sarah, youngest daughter, her mother, her guardian. 
To Jehiel, eldest son. 
To Daniel, second son. 
To Zacheus, third son." 

The widow Margaret Maltbie mar. before 1787 Daniel (?) Eno.

Daniel Maltby died in 1779. His widow, on Norfolk Church records is given as "removed to Colebrook." (Norfolk Deeds. Vol. V, p. 281)

"Margaret Eno of Colebrook, to Leir Thompson and Joseph Jones,

all my right of Dower in a certain piece of land which was set by Distribution to my son, Zacheus Maltbie, 20 April. 1794."

Daniel Maltby's mother-in-law, Pheobe Munson, was connected with Lee, Mass. Two of her sons by her second marriage settled at Lee, and a dau. by this marriage, m. a Mr. Bradley of Lee. Two granddaughters by her first mar. had husbands of Lee, named Bradley.

(Norfolk Probate Records) "March 27, 1827. Daniel Eno of Colebrook wishes appointment of Guardian for Esther, Samuel, Erastus, Eunice, Emiline, Daniel Mills, Laura Aurella Eno. They have property which came to them from their Great Uncle and Great Aunt. Their property was very large. Samuel Eno appointed guardian."

Moses MUNSON, father of Margaret, was son of Caleb and Elizabeth Herman, he son of Ensign Samuel and Martha Bradley, dau. of William Bradley and Alice Pritchard. Samuel was son of Capt. Thomas MUNSON.

Moses Merriman was son of Caleb and Mary Preston Merriman, son of Nathaniel Merriman, b. in Kent Co. England, 1613, and wife Joan.

    Children of Daniel and Margaret (MUNSON) MALTBY. 
CFG-Ba.  Anne Maltby,            b. Aug. 13, 1765, at Goshen. V.288.  Jehiel Merriman Maltby, b. Sept. 20, 1767, at Goshen. 
CFG-BB.  Daniel Munson     "     b. Aug. 28, 1770, Norfolk. 
CFG-Bc.  Sally             "     b. July 14, 1772,    "  (Untraced) 
CFG-BD.  Zacheus           "     b. Aug. 19, 1774, bpt. Sept. 18, 1774, 
                                    at Norfolk, Conn. 
CFG-Be.  Hannah            "     bp. Nov. 3, 1776; d. Oct. 4, 1777 
                                    "aged 1 year"  (Tombstone) 


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