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Maltby Genealogy - American Lineage - Third Generation

Joseph and Elizabeth (PRATT) MALTBY

His Parents - Daniel and Esther (MOSS) MALTBY

Spouce Parents -

Kids - Elizabeth , Joseph , Hannah , William , Noah , Jonathan and Martha

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CFE. Capt. Joseph Maltby, b. May 31, 1712 (Branford Rec.), (Daniel 2, Wm. 1). He m. about 1735, Elizabeth PRATT, b. 1714-15. Her name was not known for some time. The proof that she was Elizabeth PRATT is in the following records.

(Guilford Probate Rec., Vol. IV, p. 532, 534).

"The Administration on the Estate of Joseph Maltbie, late of Branford, dec'd, was granted to the widow Elizabeth on 17 Aug. 1749," and later in the settlement of the Estate all the children are named. Joseph d. 1748-9. (Hartford Probate Rec., Vol. 17, p. 194).

Will of Jonathan Pratt, dated Aug. 21, 1751, Proved 1756. "To my two daughters, Elizabeth Maulbie and Jerusha Roberts. To sons, Daniel, Moses, Jonathan, Elizb, Aaron." (Hartford Probate Rec., Vol. 16, p. 85).

"At a Court of Probate holden at Hartford, 21 Feb. 1762, Noah Maltbie, a minor son of Josef Maltbie of Branford, dec'd, made choice of his Uncle Moses Pratt of Hartford, to be his guardian, which choice the Court allows, and said Moses Pratt, appeared before this Court and acknowledged himself bound to the Judge of this Probate Court or his survivors in a recognizance of # 300 pounds money, for his faithful discharge of trust of guardian to said minor during his minority, said minor is fifteen years old."

(Mainwaring's Digest of Wills in Hartford County, Vol. III, p. 594).

"Court Record. 5 June 1750.

*John Maulbe of Branford, 12 years of age, son of Josef Maulbe. This court appoints Elizabeth Maulbe of Hartford to be his guardian."

*(Note. This should have been copied "Joseph" and not John. Joseph was born May 21, 1738--or aged 12 in 1750. In early writing "Jos" and Jno. are difficult to distinguish).

In 1739 Elizabeth Maltbie joined the Church at Branford. A note received reads: "Elizabeth Pratt mar. William Maulbe." No dates.

Elizabeth Pratt who mar. Joseph Maltby was dau. of Jonathan Pratt, and probably by his first wife Elizabeth----. Jonathan was s. of John Pratt and Hepsibah ---, son of John Pratt and Elizabeth.

The Pratt ancestry is traced back to Thomas Pratt of Baldock, Hertfordshire and wife Joan. He died in 1539 A.D.

On a map of Hartford, Conn., 1640, pub. in the Pitkin Genealogy, the Home Lot of John Pratt is shown on the N. side of Little River, on the W. side of the road from the Palisades to Centinel Hill (Main Street) and was next to the home of Gov. John Haynes, which John Pratt fterwards bought.

On the Monument, erected by the Ancient Burying Ground Association in 1837, in memory of the first settlers of Hartford, is inscribed the names of John Pratt, William Pratt, Thomas Hosmer, Nath. Ward, Thomas and Richard Lord, etc.

(Hist. Cambridge, Mass., p. 628).

"John Pratt was here in 1633, and owned a house on the northerly side of Mount Auburn street, between Brighton Street and Brattle Square, which he soon sold to Joseph Isaacs. He removed to Hartford, where he was a Juror, Deputy and Magistrate, and was an important man in the Colony."

(New Haven Court Records).

"Dec. 12, 1737. Joseph Maltbie of Branford, plaintiff for #300." The case was granted him. (Vol. III, p. 496). 1741. Joseph Maltbie of Branford, plaintiff for #160. The case was granted him. (Vol. IV, p. 109). 1741. Like the above. (Vol. IV, p. 114).

He is said to have been a Sea Captain and was dead in 1749.

Family Group SheetJoseph & Elizabeth PRATT

CFE-a.  Elizabeth Maltby, bpt. July 25, 1736. (Rec. of bpt. by Rev.
                          Philemon Robbins, Branford).
CFE-B.  Joseph      "     bpt. May 21, 1738  (Branford Rec.).
CFE-c.  Hannah      "     bpt. June 5, 1740  (Not traced. A "Hannah
                          Maltbie d. at Norfolk, Conn., Oct. 1800,
                          "aged 81"  (or was this 61?)
CFE-D.  William     "     b. June 13, 1742  (Branford Rec.)
CFE-E.  Noah        "     b. Sept. 23, 1744  (Branford Rec.)
CFE-F.  Jonathan    "     bpt. Aug. 24, 1746  (Branford Rec.)
CFE-g.  Martha      "     b. Aug. 2, 1748, bp. Aug. 21  (Branford Rec.)


Dorothy's Maltby Manuscript










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