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Maltby Genealogy - American Lineage - Fifth Generation

George W. and Lydia (BARTHOLOMEW) MALTBY

His Parents - Jonathan and Lydia (BARTHOLOMEW) MALTBY

Spouce Parents -

Kids - Elizabeth and Rosina

---- Pictures related to George and Lydia MALTBY, etc.

CFE-FH. George W. MALTBY, b. April 5, 1790 (Jon.4, Jos.3, Dan.2, Wm.1). "George W. MALTBY m. Lydia BARTHOLOMEW, Vershire,Vt., June 28, 1821, Asa Burton officiating Town of Thetford."

                   (from: "Thomas Hopkins, Town Clerk").
Lydia was dau. of Timothy (5) BARTHOLOMEW of Wallingford, Conn., Lynne Vt., and Thetford, Vt. She was b. at Thetford, Sept. 30,1793. (Ref. BARTHOLOMEW Gen.) She d. June 23, 1877 aged 83 at Thetford. Her mother was Esther Grant.

"George W. MALTBY. Age 74 years. Farmer, born Vershire, son of Dea. MALTBY, died 1864, Mar. 9, Thetford." (Asa Poor, Town Clerk).

Another record reads: Died in Thetford, dist(?) 6, married and born in Vershire, son of Dea. MALTBY, bur. in Post Mills Cemetery.

We append two letters from George W. Maltby. "Letter from George W. MALTBY. Thetford, Vermont.

"Jany, 10th 1845. To Charles M. Baker, Esq. Geneva, Walworth Co., Wis.

Mr. Baker, Dear Sir--

"It is with pleasure I take this opportunity to drop a few lines to you. I remember with gratitude the visit we once received from you at Vershire, in company with your dear Mother. She was dear to us all but no one knows the loss you sustain but yourself. We received by Mr. Cutting your letter giving intelligence of her decease.

Our sister, Martha, of whom you were some acquainted, lives here near us. She is growing old and infirm, and so is her husband, Mr. Richardson.

I have not seen Mr. Larrabee for a number of years. I expect he is very infirm. I have understood that some of his children live in your place. I should be glad to hear from any of them. I wish, Sir, that you would have the goodness to write me as there are some men here that think of going to that county. They would like to hear what you think about the situation and prospect of your county.

I suppose that your territory is fast filling up with inhabitants and will soon be entitled to a place among the States of the Union. I suppose that much of your territory is somewhat similar to that of Illinois.

I have two brothers in the centre of Illinois, near Springfield. They have been there from fifteen to twenty years. They are a number of years older than myself and of course are going down the hill of life.

My family consists of my wife and two daughters, one nineteen, the other sixteen. Remember us to your dear children and to Mr. Larrabee's friends, if there are any of them there. I hope, Sir, you will not consider these hasty lines an intrusion. Whith great respect--

                        G. W. MALTBY."
Letter from George W. MALTBY,. Thetford, Vt.
          "Feb. 28, 1848.
To Charles Baker, Esq.
Geneva, Walworth Co., Wisconsin.

Mr. Charles Baker, Esq. Dear Sir--

"I have not heard from you since you last wrote me. You have undoubtedly heard of the death of our venerable Father, and brother John S. Larrabee. We received a letter from Sarah informing us of his decease. Our dear friends are constantly passing from time to time into eternity.

Sister Martha is a widow. Mr. Richarson died the last of June last. She is left comfortably situated. He gave her his property worth about Three Thousand Dollars.

Sister Betsey lives with her. They live in sight of us.

My oldest brother still lives in Vershire. He has just lost his youngest daughter, a young woman about 24, with the consumption.

"This is the fourth of the family of daughters of the same disease.

He has but one left. She is living in the village of Delavan." (Wisconsin) "Her husband's name is Gove. If you know anything about them please to inform me. . . .

Please to inform us of your own welfare and that of your family and Mr. Larrabee's children.

                               I remain yours.
                                   G. W. Maltby."

Note. Charles Baker was Judge Charles Ninton Baker. His wife was Martha Washington (6) Larrabee, dau. of Lydia (5) MALTBY, sister of George W. Maltby. "Sarah" mentioned, may have been Sarah Larrabee, dau. of Lydia (5)(MALTBY) Larrabee.

CFE-FHa.  Elizabeth Ann Maltby, b. 1825; d. Oct. 1866.
CFE-FHb.  Rosina L.       "     b. April 11, 1829.

I think the following refers to George W. MALTBY: Mr. John Prescott Guild, 19 High Street, Lowell, Mass., wrote:

"One of the Vershire, Vermont Maltbys came to the first farm in Thetford, south of West Fairlee, sometime in 1800 and built a good brick house on it, a mile from Post Mills village." (This must refer to Jonathan (4), father of George W. MALTBY).

"I knew him slightly, grey haired, at Church where he was Congregational deacon in 1846, when I was four years old.

"He had two nice daughters who were then my schoolmates. One of them "Rose" was my school marm" the next year. I saw her join the church at that time." (This last must refer to "Rosina, b. 1829 dau. of George W. MALTBY. George W. MALTBY was b. in 1790, and I am inclined to think he was the "Congregational Deacon, in 1846, when aged 56.")


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