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Maltby Genealogy - American Lineage - Fifth Generation

Jesse and Sally (WARNER) MALTBY
Jesse and Sylvia (HAZZARD) MALTBY

His Parents - Jonathan and Lydia (BARTHOLOMEW) MALTBY

Spouce Parents -

Kids - Charles , Harrison , Daughter

By second wife: Julia , Nelson , Polly , George , Jesse , Chester , Edward , William , Oliver , Curtis and Truman

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CFE-FE. Jesse MALTBY, b. Mar. 28, 1782 (Jonathan 4, Jos.3, Dan.2, Wm.1). His birth is given by descendants as: "March 29, 1789."---this may be a baptismal record. He m. (1) Sally WARNER, in 1809. She was a niece of General Seth Warner of Rev. War fame.** She died in 1809, giving birth to a daughter who died and was buried with her. He m. (2) in 1817, Sylvia HAZZARD, b. Mar. 31, 1791; d. Feb. 7, 1846, aged 49. She was of Rutland, Vt. (Record written by Harrison (6) Maltby and loaned the compiler by Mrs. Frederick Maltby Hoblit. (Louise Maltby (7)). ** see p. 191.5

Charles (6) Maltby, wrote: "Jesse's farm adjoined that of his Father. In 1816, Father" (Jesse) "visited Tompkins County, New York, and made arrangements for the purchade of a farm, on his return he met in Rutland, Vermont, our Step Mother, Sylvia Hazzard and they were engaged to be married on his return to his purchase in N.Y., with his family of two boys.

They were married in the winter of 1817. I think in February, as I recollect, we made the journey in a sleigh. I was then six years old, you," (Harrison, his brother, to whom he was writing) "past four. I may not be exact about the dates, but must be nearly correct.

I have recollections of our home in Vermont. The House and farm; going to Church with our parents. The Pews, the parson in the Pulpit. (Congregational Church) going to school with our Mother's

"Young sister, the general appearance of the village, church, schoolhouse, stores, doctor's office, Grandfather's farm and house, Mother's fruneral. Grandfather, Mother's father, was but a short distance from the village.

Grandfather Maltby was a representative man of the Township and his son George, represented the Township several sessions in the State Legislature." (Then follows two pages of a personal nature).

"Signed Your affect. Brother

Charles Maltby."

     Children: (By 1st wife)
CFE-FEA.  Charles Maltby, b. Oct. 15, 1811.
CFE-FEB.  Harrison   "    b. Aug. 15, 1813.
CFE-FEc.  Daughter   "    b. and died 1815, at birth.
     By 2nd wife:
CFE-FEd.  Julia Ann  "    b. Feb. 5, 1818; m. Mr. Houghton.
CFE-FEE.  Nelson     "    b. June 7, 1819.
CFE-FEf.  Polly Ann  "    b. Sept. 22, 1821.
CFE-FEG.  George     "    b. May 14, 1822.
CFE-FEH.  Jesse      "    b. Oct. 5, 1823.
CFE-FEI.  Chester    "    b. July 13, 1825.
CFE-FEJ.  Edward J.  "    b. June 5, 1827; d. Aug. 25, 1836.
CFE-FEK.  William    "    b. Jan. 17, 1829.
CFE-FEL.  Oliver     "    b. May 22, 1831.
CFE-FEM.  Curtis     "    b. Mar. 29, 1834; d. "1846"
CFE-FEN.  Truman H.  "    b. Aug. 10, 1839.

(Connecticut Genealogies, Vol. IV, p. 1750)

"Colonel Seth Warner (grandson of John Warner, Farmington and Waterbury) arrived with five hundred fresh troops at a crusial moment in the revolutionary battle of Bennington, turning threatened defeat into one of the notable victories of that struggle."


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