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Maltby Genealogy - American Lineage - Fourth Generation

Jonathan and Lydia (BARTHOLOMEW) MALTBY

His Parents - Joseph and Elizabeth (PRATT) MALTBY

Spouce Parents -

Kids - Jonathan , Josiah , Alice , Lydia , Jesse , Patty , Elizabeth and George

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CFE-F. Jonathan Maltby, b. July 10, 1746; bapt. Aug. 24, 1746, at Branford. (Jos.3, Dan.2, Wm.1). Mar. Dec. 8, 1769, Lydia BARTHOLOMEW, b. Aug. 18, 1748. (Bartholomew Genealogy).

(Goshen Statistics and Family Hist., by Lewis M. Norton, Vol. I, p. 548-9)

"Jonathan Maltbie--Once lived in the old house now occupied by Samuel Miles, on the north side of the old road, about three or four miles west from Goshen Meeting house. He mar. Lydia Bartholomew, eldest daughter of Josiah Bartholomew, previous to Feb. 13, 1773.

He and his wife were both in Lenox, Mass., Jan. 6, 1783. It seems they owned lands in the south-west part of this town, derived, probably, through her father.

It is said that the following were their children: Jonathan, Alice, Lydia, Jesse, Patty B., Betsy, George. Lydia married ---- Larribee."

Jonathan's Rev. War service follows: (From M. Olin, Secretary of the Commonwealth of Mass.)

"Jonathan Malby, residence not given, as serving as a Private, in a company commanded by Capt. Josiah Yale* of Lee or Lenox, in 1781, on an alarm at Stillwater. Enlisted: Oct. 10, 1781; discharge: Oct. 20, 1781. Service 12 days. Company marched from Lee and Lenox to Stillwater by order of Brig. Genl. Rosseter." (Also "Mass. Soldiers and Sailors in Rev. War, Vol. X, p. 152") *Mr. Olin gives Yates.

Mass. Rev. War gives Yale.

(Branford Deeds. Vol. 9, p. 433)

"11 July 1775. Josiah Bartholomew, Jr., Jonathan Maltbie and Lydia Maltbie, of Goshen, in the county of Litchfield, State of Connecticut--To Elizabeth , Rebecca, Eunice and Submit, daughters of Nathaniel Taintor, late of Northford in Branford, dec'd.--for # 75; 24 acres of land in Northford near a place called Hop Ground, it be- ing part of the farm that belonged to Deacon Samuel Harrington, of Branford--bounded:---

South--by land this day quit claimed to Jared Taintor. 
North--by Paul Tyler and land that formerly belonged to our father Bartholomews' heirs. 
West--by Josiah Rogers." 

(p. 435) "11th July, 1775. Josiah Bartholomew, Jr., Jonathan Maltbie and Lydia Maltbie of Goshen in the County of Litchfield, State of Connecticut--for the consideration of # 135 received to our satisfaction of Capt. John Taintor late of Northford in Branford, dec'd.--do forever quit claim to his Grandson, John Jared Taintor, 23 acres of land lying in Northford at a place called Hop Ground, it being part of the farm that belonged to Deacon Samuel Harrington of Branford, dec's--bounded:

South:  by land that belonged to the wife of Samuel Rose, Junr. 
East:   by Highway 
North:  by land this day quit claimed to daughter of Nathaniel 
West:   by Josiah Rogers." 

*I do not understand this, as the context of the Deed sent me states: "quit claimed to John Jared Taintor."

(These "July, 1775" Deeds, make me feel very doubtful that this Jonathan Maltby can be the one in a Lenox, Mass., record, recording "his ear Marks for Cattle. 1774-5."

Also we have a Pittsfield, Mass. deed dated 1781, where Jon- athan Maltby is called "of Goshen.")

"Hibbard's Hist. of Goshen, Conn., p. 415," states:

"Lydia, daughter of Josiah Bartholomew, b. Aug. 18, 1748, mar. Jonathan Maltby. Her brother Josiah, m. 1775, Martha Maltby and her brother, Isaac, mar. 1775, Thankful Maltby."

Note. Martha Maltby was sister of Jonathan Maltby. Thankful Maltby was dau. of Daniel (3), Dan. (2), Wm. (1).

In so far as can be learned, Jonathan Maltby was not of Lenox, Mass., until 1781, when he purchased land of Jonathan Hinsdale, who is conceeded to be a first settler of Lenox. Below, through the kindness of Mr. F. A. Molby, of Baldwin, Kansas, is a copy of cer- tified photostat of a Deed from Hinsdale to Jonathan Maltby.

"Book 14. Page 75." "Middle District Registry. Pittsfield" Attest. Harold F. Goggins, Registar."

"Know all Men by these presents that I, Jonathan Hinsdale of Lenox, in the County of Berkshire within the Commonwealth of Massa- chusetts, Yeoman, for the consideration of the sum of two hundred

and twenty pounds Lawful money to me in bond paid before the sealing and Delivery hereof by Jonathan Maltby of Goshen in the County of Litchfield in the State of Connecticut, Yeoman, the Receipt whereof I do hereby acknowledge, have given, granted, bargained and sold and by these presents do give, grant, bargain and sell unto him the said Jonathan Maltby his heirs and assigns, one certain piece (?) or parcel of Land lying and being in West-Stockbridge Lenox aforesaid bounded as follows, vis.

Southerly upon the Land of the Rev. Samuell's Munson, 
Westerly upon the Land of Timothy Crittenden, 
Northerly upon the Land of Eleazer Barrit and 
Easterly upon the Land of James Richards, containing thirty acres.  
   Including the Highway through the same. 

To have and to hold the said Granted and Bargained, Premises with the Priviledges and appurtenances there unto belonging to him the said Jonathan Maltby his heirs and assigns forever and futhermore I, the said Jonathan Hinsdale, Do for myself, heirs Exers and Adminis- trators Covenant /// to and with the said Jonathan Maltby his heirs and assigns, that I am legally seized of ??? premises as agreed Indefeasable Estate in fee Simple and that I will warrant, secure and Defend the same against the Claims and Demands of all people. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal this 13th Day of June, A.D. 1781 and in the fifth year of Independence of the United States of America.

Signed, Sealed and Delivered, in presence    
Jonathan Hinsdale  
Seal of William Maltbe) 
William Walker Berkshire June 15th 1781. Personally appeared Jonathan Hinsdale signer, Sealer to the within Instrument and acknowledged the same to be his free act Deed.

Before William Walker Just. Peace. January 28th 1782. Received and Recorded from the Original by Moses Hopkins, Reg."

(Book 37--p. 473)  Abstract. "Jonathan Maltbie of Lenox, Yeoman, to 
 Jonathan Hinsdale of Lenox, Yeoman 
 30 Acres in Lenox "with the tenements thereon, being all the land 
 conveyed to me by deed from said Hinsdale, and no more." 
 Dated: March 21, 1782.  Sarah Walker, Wm. Walker, Witnesses 
    Acknowledged March 21, 1782.  Wm. Walker, Jus. Pacis 
    Recorded Dec. 4, 1796, by Samuel Quincy, Regr 
    Consideration, # 220 ls m."  (lawful money) (Book 24.  Page 293)  
Recorded April 4, 1787, Moses Hopkins, Regr 
    "Daniel Weller of Pittsfield, Tanner, to 
     Jonathan Maltby of Lenox, yeoman. Location: Pittsfield. 
Nature  128 Acres 
Consideration: # 300 
Executed: Mar. 23, 1786 
Acknowledged March 23, 1786. Eli Root, Justis Peace 
Recorded April 6, 1787.  Signed Daniel Weller and Seal. 
Witnesses:   Eli Root, Jr. 
             Wm. Baker." 

It is worth noting that in 1785, "Jonathan Baker of Woodbury

sold land in Woodbury to Jonathan's brother, (?) Noah Maltby.

(Book 22.  Page 448) 
"Jonathan Maltby* of Pittsfield to *(called Yeoman) 
    Isaac Wood, of Lenox. 
Location, Pittsfield 
Nature  128 Acres 
Consideration, # 300 
Executed 3 April, 1787 
Acknowledged 3 April, 1787 
Recorded 4 April 1787.  (Moses Hopkins, Regr) 
                      Signed: Jonathan Maltby and Seal. 
Witnesses:  Lonisa Baker 
            Wm. Walker." 
(Last two Deeds, kindness of Mr. F. A. Molby). 

(Rockwell M.S., quoted in First Church of Pittsfield)

"Jonathan Maltby, in a list of inhabitants, listed in Census, 1786."

"Census of 1786. Jonathan Maltby's

     1 house, 2 married person, 1 family. 
     1 male under 5 
     2 males and 1 female, under 10. 
     1 male and 1 female under 50." 

(Lenox, Mass.) (Correction. Not Lenox, but at Vershire, Orange Co.,Vt.)

"First Proprietors meeting at Aug. 28, 1783.

Jonathan Maltby, 1st Clerk."

(Gazetter of Orange Co., Vermont, pub. by Syracuse Journal Co.)

Syracuse, N.Y. June 1888)

"Jonathan Maltby, b. July 10, 1746, came from Hebron, Conn., to Vershire in 1783. He was one of the first settlers in town and located on the place now occupied by Danford Blanchard. He was the first Proprietors Clerk, the first Inn-keeper in Vershire, and owned a large amount of land. He died in 1801, and his widow kept the tavern many years afterwards. They had four sons and four daughters.

Jonathan Maltby, Jr. settled on the farm southeast from his fathers' now owned by his grandson, W. F. Maltby. Josiah, Jesse, removed to Illinois. George W. passed the most of his life here, serving in various town offices, and died at Post Mills. Jonathan, Jr. married Susannah Horsford and reared fourteen children, all of whom attained adult age."

(Vershire Rec.)

"Jonathan Maltby, b. 1746; d. Oct. 3rd, 1801.

Lydia (His wife) Maltby, b. 1746 (or 8); d. Jan. 15, 1829."

(Index to Hemmingway's Vermont Hist. Gazette) gives:

"Maltbie, Jonathan, of Vershire, II. 1132(2), 1133(2), 1184."

Lydia Bartholomew was dau. of Josiah and Lydia (Harrington) Barthol- omew, son of Isaac (3) Bartholomew, William (2), William (1).

Children of Jonathan and Lydia (Bartholomew) Maltby. 
CFE-FA.  Jonathan Maltby, b. Jan. 9, 1772 
CFE-FB.  Josiah     "     b. June 5, 1774 
CFE-Fc.  Alice      "     b. July 13, 1775; d. Feb. 25, 1816 
CFE-Fd.  Lydia      "     b. June 2, 1777; d. Mch. 28, 1812 
CFE-FE. *Jesse      "     b. Mch. 26, 1782 
CFE-Ff.  Patty B. (Martha)b. Mar. 6, 1785 (Ref. Goshen Hist.) 
CFE-Fg.  Elizabeth Maltby b. April 1, 1788; d. Mch. 17, 1861 
CFE-FH.  George           b. April 5, 1790; d. Mch. 9, 1864 
*Descendants give his birth as March 29, 1789--possibly this was a 


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