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Maltby Genealogy - American Lineage - Eighth Generation

Albert Lyman Lockwood and Mary Elizabeth (DOW) MALTBIE

His Parents - James Downing and Acsah (WRIGHT) MALTBIE

Spouce Parents -

kids - Achsah Adelia and Theodosia Alice

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CFE-ECF-AA. Albert Lyman Lockwood MALTBIE, b. Aug. 9, 1866 (James D.7, Noah 6, Noah 5, Noah 4, Jos.3, Dan.2, Wm.1). m. Oct. 23, 1887, Mary Elizabeth DOW, at Lavene, Lincoln Co., Washington; she b. July 24, 1868, Healdsburg, Sonora Co., Cal. He was a member of M.A. Was a Mason. Res. Waterville, Wash., Wenatchee, Wash., Seattle, Wash. 1910. He d. Aug. 13, 1927 at Seattle, following an operation for appendicitis on Aug. 12. Was bur. Aug. 16, 1927 at Wenatchee, "The Masons (Blue Lodge and Commandery) and Elk will bury him." His dau. Achsah wrote: "He was both a father and a brother to us girls, always so jolly and younger than his years."

CFE-ECF-AAa. Achsah Adelia MALTBIE, b. Oct. 9, 1888, Lavene, Wash.
CFE-ECF-AAb. Theodosia Alice  "     b. Sept. 12, 1890, Waterville, Wash.

It was our great happiness to have with us for a few days in North Vancouver, Mr. Maltbie's widow, who, with her daughter Acsah, had been long-time friends through letters. Later by some years, about 1950, one evening we had a hurried call from Acsah Rawlings and her husband.

The following list is of Mr. Maltbie's Colonial ancestors, sent by Mrs. Maltbie and Acsah.

1. Maltbie, William			30. Hubbard, Geo.
2. Adams, Robert			31. Johnson, John
3. Allen, Capt. John			32. Kilbourn, Thomas
4. Baldwin, John			33. Lothrop, Rev. John
5. Bartholomew, Wm.			34. Lyman, Richard
6. Bishop, John				35. Moss, John
7. Bliss, Thomas			36. Marvin, Matthew
8. Bronson, John (2 lines)		37. Merrill, Thomas
9. Bruen, Obadiah			38. Mitchell, John
10. Bullard, Wm.			39. Pettibone
11. Churchill, Hannah			40. Pratt, John
12. Coleman, Thomas			41. Porter, Elizabeth
13. Collins, Rebecca			42. Pierce, Sarah
14. Chittenden, Mercy			43. Rose, Jonathan
15. Cowles, John			44. Royce, Robert
16. Downing, Mary			45. Smith, Asahel, Rev. War
17. Eggleston, Begat			46. Smith, Richard
18. Farrington, John			47. Scudder, Thomas
19. Fox, Richard			48. Shaler, Thomas
20. Francis, Robert			49. Sims, Mary
21. Fishe, Edward (2 lines)		50. Spencer, Jarred
22. Goodrich, Wm. (2 lines)		51. Stanley, Timothy
23. Granger, Launcelot			52. Treat,Richard(father of Gov.Robert)
24. Harrison, Richard			53. Treat, Matthias
25. Harriman, Mary			54. Trumbull, Clarissa
26. Hills, Wm.				55. Wells, Thomas
27. Hoadley, Wm.			56. Wright, Tunis
28. Holcomb, Lieut. John (2 lines)	57. Wyatt, John
29. Hollister, Lieut.John (2 lines)	58. Younglove, Rev. John


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Achsah Adelia MALTBIE

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