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Maltby Genealogy - American Lineage - Seventh Generation

John W. and Catherine (DEPEW) MALTBY

His Parents - Hiram and Mary Ann (STEWART) MALTBY

Spouse Parents -

kids - Charles F. , Daughter1 and Daughter2

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CFE-EBD-D. John W. MALTBY, b. ---- (Hiram 6, Adin 5, Wm.4, Jos.3, Dan.2, Wm.1). m. Catherine DEPEW.

Obituary.    (Mrs. John W. Maltby)

"Sunday, July 9, 1931, At the home of her son, Charles F. Malt- by, occurred the death of Mrs. Catherine Maltby, aged 85 years. She was born in Ulster Co., but had resided here for 50 years. Her maiden name was Catherine Depew, and her husband, John W. Maltby died 15 years ago. After his death she went to reside with his son, who is the nearest surviving relative.

She leaves 6 grandchildren.
Charles Mertice (9)
Virginia Maltby (9) of this city.
Mrs. Mary Green (9) of Auburn.
John Tennant (9) Syracuse.
Harry Tennant (9)    "
From the foregoing it appears there was one son and two daughters.
     Children of John W. and Catherine (Depew) Maltby:
CFE-EBD-DA.  Charles F. Maltby
CFE-EBD-Db.  Daughter      "
CFE-EBD-Dc.     "          "    m. a Tennant of Syracuse, N.Y.
VIII.2791.  This number has been omitted in this manuscript.

Joel Maltby, early settler of Kansas. State Representative, Republican, 74th District, Salina, 1869.

The History of Kansas, Volume I, page 708, compiled by A. T. Andreas, published 1883, gives: "Maltby, Joel. Saline Co., Farmer, Sec. 19, Walnut Twp., P.O. Salina. Was born in Woodbury, Conn., July 14, 1814; when quite young, was taken by his parents to Sullivan Co., N.Y., where he was reared and educated."

The U.S. Census for 1880 gives Joel Maltby as a resident of Saline Co., Kansas, a white male, age 65, born in Connecticut, who stated that his father and his mother were born in Connecticut.

The U.S. Census for the state of Indiana for the year 1850, lists in Vanderburg Co., Scott Twp., 4th of October, 1850, "Joel Molby, 35, male, farmer, b. in Connecticut; Sarah, 31, female, b. in Ireland; John, 6, male, b. in Indiana; Herman, 4, male, b. in Indiana; Amos, 2, male, b. in Indiana; William, 6/12, male, b. in Indiana.

The History of Kansas, above cited, states that Joel came with his family at an early date to Riley County, Kansas, and after a few years removed his family to Saline County, Kansas.

Elliott's History of Evansville and Vanderburg Co., Indiana, p. 168, states; "The first school in Scott Twp. was taught by David B. Craddock in 1835 on the Staser farm. The other early teachers, as far as can be learned, were---then follows a list of eleven names. The sixth name in the list was Joel Mulby. The name Wm. Atchinson is included in a list called 'Pioneer Teachers of the Township.'" Joel's wife was Sarah Achison before her marriage.

Land Records in Riley County, Kansas, show that Joel Maltby bought two 80-acre parcels of land in that county, January 18, 1866, and that he sould the same April 5, 1868.

Joel Maltby was very likely descended from Noal Maltby (IV.83), perhaps a grandson of Noah. Noah's will was probated at Woodbury, Conn., Jan. 3, 1786.

Some experts from the Salina Daily Journal, Apr. 17, 1888. "Hon. Joel Maltby expired at his home in Walnet Township this morning at 9:20 o'clock at the age of 73 years 9 months and 2 days...ill for some time... Resident of Saline County for 23 years... elected to the Legislature in 1868 ... his held several township positions since ... especially interested in the cause of temperance ... less active in later years but has spoken emphatically when great reform was being agitated. He was a man of warm heart, genial in his relationship with his fellows.

He will long be remembered as one of the proneers who laid the foundations of our county government and society. He leaves a large family of grown children. The funeral occurred today at the farm residence and his remains were interred in the Gypsum Hill Cemetery."

His last residence was in the vicinity of Mentor.

Living at the time of Joel's death was a son, James Clark Maltby, who was a graduate of the Law School at the University of Michigan in the year 1885. He practiced law at Minneapolis, Kansas. The Minneapolis, Ks., Messenger of May 4, 1893, printed a long and appreciative obituary of James Clark Maltby, giving his birthdate as "Dec. 2, 1858, near Manhattan, Kansas, son of Joel and Sarah Maltby, two of the early pioneers of central Kansas."

It states that he began the practice of law in Minneapolis in the fall of 1885. In the election of 1892, he was elected County Attorney on the Republican ticket. "He had just entered upon the duties of his office when stricken by the illness which carried him off. He gave promise of being an able and conscientious official.

His remains were interred in Highland Cemetery."

Gravestone Inscriptions in Gypsum Hill Cemetery, Salina, Kansas, (on one lot, May, 1954).

  (1)  Joel Maltby, died April 16, 1888, ae. 73-9-2.

       Sarah Maltby, died August 4, 1902, aged 81 years.

  (2)  Amos Maltby, 1848-1867.

  (3)  Leila D., Dau. of Wm. and L. Maltby,
          Feb. 26, 1886 - May 26, 1904.

  (4)  Lucinda Maltby, 1854-1942.

  (5)  William Maltby, 1850-1922.


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Charles F.




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