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Maltby Genealogy - American Lineage - Fifth Generation

Stephen Lee and Sarah (PRESCOTT) MALTBY

His Parents - William and Lydia (RITTER) MALTBY

Spouce Parents -

Kids - William , Stephen , Huldah , Julia and Sarah

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CFE-DF. Stephen Lee Maltby, b. Jan. 22, 1777 (Lenox Rec.) (Wm.4, Jos.3, Dan.2, Wm.1). Rev. Jonathan (4) Maltby writes:

"He mar. Sarah PRESCOTT, who died at Hopewell (?) aged 55. He mar. (2) Eunice Seeley. He had eight children, all living in 1849."

Miss Helen M. Prescott kindly sent the following:

"Sarah Prescott, b. May, 1776, mar. Stephen Maltby, settled in Vershire, Vt. She was a dau. of Col. Jeremiah and Jane (Sherbourne) Prescott of Epson, New Hampshire. I think he had a daughter, Huldah C. Maltby, as she says her father is Stephen Maltby of Pine Hill, Elba, Genesee Co., N.Y., and her grandfather is William Maltby."

"July 18, 1849," Stephen Lee Maltby wrote from Elba, N.Y., to Rev. Jonathan (4) Maltby.

"I received your letter of June 27, requesting information of the Maltby family. I will furnish you what I know of my Father's family.

My father's name was Willliam. Moved from Lenox, Mass. to Verhire, Vermont. His family consisted of 16 children:--

     Mary, Betsy, William, Lydia, by the first wife:
     Catharine, Stephen L., John, Ira, Isaac, Ann, Benjamin, Huldah,
     Persy, Alva, Sally and Percy again, or 2nd.

Eleven of these children settled or married and settled, the rest of them died previous to marriage.

     Mary is still living in Wisconsin.

Stephen L., John, Isaac, Benjamin and Sally are still living of the 2nd wife's children.

The descendants of William are numerous.

13 children; living in the State of Ohio. Four of them are Ministers.

     Stephen L. had 8 children, all living.
     Catharine has 3 children living; 2 are Ministers.  They are
            in the State of Ohio.
     John has one son only living.
     Isaac has one son and 2 daughters living.
     Benjamin has one son living.  The father lives in Wisconsin.
     Betsy has 4 children living.
     Percy has one son living.
     Mary lives in Wisconsin and has a somewhat numerous family
            still living and settled about the world.

The rest of the Maltbys you will be as well informed about as I am and perhaps better.

My father has been dead about 32 years." (Rev. Jonathan (4), writes: "Was born 1741, died 1808, aged 76.")

"The affair of the Notes of which you speak I am wholly ig- norant.

My father's first wife's name was Lydia Ritter.

2nd wife, Catharine Lee.

3rd wife, by whom he has no children, Submitter Gibbs.

My father died at the age of 76.

Mary married Charles Avery. He d. at Caravaugus in N. Y. aged 50.

Betsey married Aaron Post, deceased.

Percy about 50.

William married Rachel Carr, still living. He died at Columbus, Ohio, aged 55. (Rev. Jonathan(4) writes at bottom):"b. 1784; d.1829- 55 years).

Catharine married Israel Mattison. She died at Oberlin, Ohio, aged 64.

Stephen L. married Sarah Prescott who died at Hopeville aged 55.

Married for Second wife, Eunice Seely.

John married Lucy Cox who died at Verona aged about 56.

Benjamin married Percy, Child still living.

Sally married John B. Watkins who died aged 62.

Percy married Frederick Brown. She died aged 30.

These are all who married so far as I know. I have no dates for the times of their marriage or deaths."

"Any communication from you will be met with pleasure and any information I can give will be furnished with pleasure.

                                       Yours Sincerely 
                                            Stephen L. Maltby."

(In same writing below is a note:)

"Mr. Maltby is now in his 73rd year and his hand trembly so as almost to disqualify him for writing though he retains his faculties and usefulness as an efficient Christian.

He adds that the family of Maltbys are somewhat numerous but he has not known one of them who have been or are intemperate."

The Prescott Ancestry is: "The New England Prescotts, descended from Prescotts of Lancashire and Lincolnshire, England. The New Hampshire, thence to Vermont Prescotts were from Lincolnshire." (Ref. John Prescott Guild, 19 Hurd St., Lowell, Mass.)

1. James Prescott m. Mary, d. of Nathaniel and Grace Boulter.
2. James    "     m. Maria Marston, d. of William and Rebecca Page.
3. Samuel   "     m. Mary Sanborn, dau. of Joseph and Mary Gove.
4. Jeremiah "     and 1st. wife, Mary Hayes. He signed the "Assoc-
                               iation Test in 1776."
5. Col. Jeremiah Prescott mar. Jane Sherburne of Epson, N. H. "He
       was a Lieut. in Capt. Nathan Sanborn's Company, Colonel
       Evans Regt. in 1777."

Stephen Lee Maltby is given as having "2 boys and 6 girls." I do not have a complete list of these eight children. The sons were:

CFE-DFA.  William Maltby
CFE-DFB.  Stephen   "
CFE-DFc.  Huldah C. "
CFE-DFd.  Julia     "    "m. a Mr. Stoddard."
CFE-DFe.  Sarah Jane "


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