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Maltby Genealogy - American Lineage - Seventh Generation

George Edward and Anna M. (LANGFORD) MALTBY

His Parents - Rev. George Washington and Ursula (SMITH) MALTBY

Spouse Parents -

kids - George Langford , Laura Clara and Edward Dickson

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CFE-DCJ-D. George Edward MALTBY, b. May 18, 1856 (Geo.6, Wm.5, Wm.4, Jos.3, Dan.2, Wm.1). m. Nov. 27, 1878, Anna M. LANGFORD. He was General Manager of Jamestown, Westfield and Northwestern Railroad Comp. Res. Jamestown, New York. Member Maltby Association. He d. Apr. 29, 1927, in Los Angeles, California. Obituaries follow.

"Sudden Death of G.E. Maltby in California."

"Prominent figure in Jamestown and Chautauqua Region Transpor- tation Affairs for Nearly Half Century Dies at Los Angeles.

George Edward Maltby, for nearly a half century prominently identified with transportation in Jamestown and the Chautauqua lake region, died suddenly at Los Angeles, Cal., Friday evening at 10 o'clock. Mrs. Maltby being with him at the time of his death, and also his daughter, Mrs. James Reed, and his son, Edward D. Maltby, who resides in that city. The remains are to be brought here for interment in Lake View cemetery, the arrangements for the funeral to be announced later.

Mr. Maltby was born at Ashtabula, Ohio, May 18, 1856 and was therefore nearly 71 years of age at the time of his death. He was one of five children born to Rev. George W. Maltby, a well known Methodist minister of a generation ago and at one time a presiding elder in the Erie conference, and Ursula Smith Maltby. The family moved to Jamestown when Mr. Maltby was a young boy and he had since made his home here. His marriage to Miss Anna Langford took place on Nov. 27, 1878, and to this union were born three children, George L. Maltby of this city and Laura Maltby, wife of James Reed, and Ed- ward D. Maltby, both of Los Angeles. In addition to his wife and three children, Mr. Maltby is survived by two sisters, Mrs. C.C. Dick- son, of New Castle, Pa., and Mrs. Orello S. Martin, of Salamanca."

A picture of Mr. Maltby is included. He bears a strong resem- blance to George Ellsworth Maltby of New Haven, Conn., father of the compiler. The same eyes, nose, mustache, dimple in chin, etc. They were 4th cousins.

(Jamestown Morning Post. Monday, May 2, 1927)
              George E. Maltby

"News of the death of George E. Maltby at Los Angeles, California, came with shocking suddenness to this community. Though not in good health for the past five years, he had been able to be about up to the very day of his death. When he went to California last November, to spend the winter with his son and daughter, there was no indica- tion that he was never to return to the city where he had lived nearly all his life.

Mr. Maltby performed a great service to this community in develop- ing its transportation system as the General Manager of the Broad- head electric lines. Though it was the keen vision of A.N. Broadhead that planned the extensions, many of the details of construction and operation were left with Mr. Maltby. He was the Superintendent of the Jamestown Street Railway Company when horse-cars were still in use and for nearly forty years he was actively identified with the expanding Broadhead system. This programme included extensions of the original trolley lines to the neighboring villages, the construc- tion of the Chautauqua Traction Company's line to Mayville and West- field, the purchase of the Jamestown, Westfield and Northwestern, and the establishment of the Jamestown Motor Bus Transportation Company. He was vice president of all the transportation companies for the past few years. Beside all these enterprises, he had superintended the operation of the Chautauqua Lake steamboats for many years and devel- oped Celoron Park as a popular amusement resort.

During all these years, Mr. Maltby was a very busy man, but he always had time to be courteous to those who had business with him. He was tactful and diplomatic in dealing with the public and these qualities were exceedingly valuable to the management. He may be said to have been a pioneer in electric railway development, for he was most active at the time when these lines were being built in all directions, before the coming of the automobile. Mr. Maltby was a man of social disposition, a member of the Jamestown Lodge of Elks, and his memory will be cherished by a host of friends, since indeed he was a friendly man." Res. 520 South Oxford Ave., Jamestown, N.Y.

     Children of George Edward Maltby and Anna M. Langford:
CFE-DCJ-DA.  George Langford Maltby, b. Sept. 26, 1879.
CFE-DCJ-Db.  Laura Clara        "    b. Nov. 1, 1882.
CFE-DCJ-DC.  Edward Dickson     "    b. Nov. 24, 1892.
Mrs. Maltby was b. Sept. 15, 1855, and died Dec. 10, 1928.


Dorothy's Maltby Manuscript


George Langford

Laura Clara

Edward Dickson


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