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Maltby Genealogy - American Lineage - Ninth Generation

Dr. Mareus and Sherrelyn (SAURER) MALTBY

His Parents - Oliver Blaine and Ottie May (JURNES) MALTBY

Spouce Parents -

Kids - Peter Sherril and Susan

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CFE-DCH-ECA. Dr. Mareus Maltby, M.D., b. Sep. 3, 1920 (Bruton 8, Ed.B.7, Wm.6, Wm.5, Wm.4, Jos.3, Dan.2, Wm.1). Attended William Jewel College, Liberty, Mo., graduated 1941 from Sheffield Scientific School, Yale University (Chemical Engineer). With the Dupont Company. Member of Phi Gamma Delta fraternity. Enlisted July, 1942, World War II. Called, Jan. 1943, went to San Antonio, Texas, SiReston, Mo., Independence, Kansas, the July 1943, again to San Antonio for another nine weeks (the length of residence at these various training centers). Passed as a "pilot" in Air Force.

m. June 26, 1943, Sherrelyn SAURER, dau. of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Saurer of Bloomington, Illinois, at the First Presbyterian Church, Independence, Kansas, in the evening. Dr. David VanCleave officiating. The bride's name "Sherrilyn" is a family name with the "yn" added. Her mother and Buffalo Bill both belong to the Cody family. Sherrilyn was born about 1921 or 1922, "a perfect blonde and quite tall." "Mareus is tall and dark." (Newspaper clipping)

"Lieut. Maltby Selected.

First Lieut. Mareus Maltby has been specially selected for four-engine bomber pilot training and has been transferred to the Liberal, Kansas, Army Air Field for instruction in flying Liberator bombers...He received his promotion to first lieutenant, May 23, 1945."

In the "Kansas City Star" July 17, 1943, there is an account of the wedding and a charming picture of the lovely bride.

In later years Mareus went to Chicago, to the University, and studied for his Dr's degree in medicine. About 1951, with his wife and children he moved to Portland, Oregon, where he opened an office for medical practice.

	Children of Mareus and Sherrelyn Maltby:
CFE-DCH-ECA-A. Peter Sherril Maltby, b. 3136, 1945.
CFE-DCH-ECA-b. Susan            "    b. 2342, 1947.
	Address (1956) Dr. Mareus Maltby, M.D., 2411 Grear, Salem, Ore.


Dorothy's Maltby Manuscript

Peter Sherril Maltby

Susan Maltby



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