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Maltby Genealogy - American Lineage - Eighth Generation

Burton and Inez (MARENS) MALTBY

His Parents - Edward B. and Kate (MURDOCK) MALTBY

Spouce Parents -

kid - Marens

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CFE-DCH-EC. Dr. Burton MALTBY (Military Cross), b. July 7, 1885, (Edward B.7, Wm.6, Wm.5, Wm.4, Jos.3, Dan.2, Wm.1). m. Oct. 21, 1913, Inez MARENS. Res. Liberty, Mo. A Deacon of the Christian Church.

"He served as medical officer to the 67th Gordon Highlanders of the 51st Division of the British Army in the World War and was awarded the British Military Cross for conspicuous gallantry in action."

Burton Maltby was graduated from the Liberty, Mo., high school, then attended William Jewell Coll., at Liberty, Mo., for two years, then for four years studied at the University Medical College at Kansas City, Mo., graduating in 1908. He has done post-graduate work in Harvard Medical College, Boston, Mass., and at the New York Post Graduate Coll- ege, N.Y. City, also in Edinburgh and Glasgow, Scotland.

During the World War Dr. Maltby applied for a commission in the Medical Reserve Corps and was appointed 1st. lieutenant and called into service about 30 days after receiving his commission.

He reported for duty in Washington, D.C., Mar. 25, 1918, sailed from New York in April, 1918, for England. He and several hundred other American doctors were lent to the British Government and received their training in the English camps. He went to France in August, 1918, and served as medical officer to the 67th Gordon Highlanders, of the famous 51th Division of the British Army.

Dr. Maltby was awarded the Military Cross for gallantry in action and this Cross was presented to him by King George V, at Buckingham Palace, London, April 12, 1919. Queen Mary was present at the inves- ture. He was promoted to a Captaincy and after being demobilized in Scotland, he was ordered to sail for Marseilles, France, and thence to New York.

He was the first commander of the American Legion, Robert Baker Post, in Liberty, Mo., and again in 1934. He was a Knight Templar Mason and member of the Ararat Shrine in Kansas City, also a member of the I.O.O.F. He was a member of the Liberty Board of School Directors and was president of the board for the year 1933-4.

                  "Citation of Dr. Burton Maltby"
                      "General Headquarters
                American Expeditionary Forces.
	Maltby, Burton.                     Lieut. M. C.
         (Name)                            (Rank)
Attd. 6/7th Bn-Gordon Hdrs (T. F.)

"The award of the Military Cross by the British Government to you having been approved by the Commander in Chief, you are authorized to accept and wear such decoration.

The award was made for the following services rendered.

For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty during the operation north of Avesnes-Le-Sec, on 13 Oct. 1918 when the building, which he used as a Dressing Station, became full of casualties, he continued to dress the wounded in the open under heavy shell fire. He afterward proceeded over the ground of the advance and attended to men who could not be moved on account of the heavy machine gun fire.

               By Command of General Pershing.
                     Chief of Staff.
Robert D. Davis
Adjutant General.

	Child of Dr. Burton Maltby and Inez Marens:
CFE-DCH-ECA. Marens MALTBY, b. Sept. 3, 1920, at Christ Church Hospital,
                           Kansas City, Mo.

(Dr. Burton Maltby died some years ago.) Inez d. Apr. 28, 1957. Inez Marens, wife of Dr. Burton Maltby, was dau. of John Marens, b. Co. Kildare, Ireland, on Easter Sunday, Apr. 12, 1846. He emigrated to Newark, N.J., 1850; to Callaway Co., Mo., 1851. He married on Thanks- giving Day, Nov. 25, 1870, Sarah Letitia Steele, at Council Grove, Kan- sas. He was an ardent Democrat and owned and edited the only Democratic newspaper in Caldwell Co., Mo., during the time he lived there. He was Postmaster at Hamilton, Caldwell Co., in both of President Cleveland's administrations. His wife was a member of the Christian Church at Hamilton. John Marens d. Feb. 27, 1913, Kansas City, Mo.

Sarah Letitia Steele, b. Jan. 8, 1851, Frankford(?) Pike Co., Mo., died May 27, 1923, Kansas City, Mo. She was dau. of Thomas Gureton Steele and Elizabeth Sollars. Thomas G. Steele was b. Lancaster Co., South Carolina, Nov. 23, 1823, mar. Aug. 5, 1847, at Pittsfield, Ill., Elizabeth Sollars who was b. Mar. 14, 1828, and died the autumn of 1901, Kansas City, and is buried at Council Grove, Kansas.

Elizabeth Sollars was dau. of Azauriah Sollars and Mary Wagoner; they were mar. Mch. 1, 1821, in Ross Co., Ohio, by James Baker, Christian Minister. Census of 1850, records both as born in Virginia.

Thomas Gureton Steele was son of Joseph Steele and Elizabeth Davis. Joseph was b. May 12, 1795, Lancaster Co., South Carolina; Elizabeth Davis was b. Nov. 1, 1794, North Carolina, and died Putman Co., Mo., 1858.

Elizabeth Davis was dau. of James Davis of Mechlenburg, N. Carolina, just across the border from Lancaster, South Carolina.

Joseph Steele was son of John Steele who mar. Margaret McBurney a number of years before emigrating in 1792, from Co. Antrim, Ireland. He is said to have sailed from Dublin and landed at Charlestown, S. Carolina.


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