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Maltby Genealogy - American Lineage - Sixth Generation

Rev. Benjamin Kerr and Harriet Sophia (BUTLER) MALTBY

His Parents - William and Rachel (KERR) MALTBY

Spouce Parents -

kids - Alice , Mary , Julia and Ellen

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CFE-DCD. Rev. Benjamin Kerr MALTBY, b. Sept. 18, 1809 (Wm. 5, Wm. 4, Jos. 3, Dan. 2, Wm. 1). m. Harriet Sophia BUTLER, dau. of Henry W. Butler, Esqre., of Summit Co., Ohio. He was a Methodist minister. Res. Cleveland, Cugahoga Co., Louisville, Kentucky. (Records by him).

Mrs. James Reed,VII, grand dau. of George W. Maltby, brother of Benjamin Kerr Maltby, has a "Certificate No. 1210. It is hereby certified that Benj. K. Maltby has paid the Centenary Fund Society of the Erie Annual Conference $25.00, in accordance with a plan adopt- ed by the Pittsburgh and Erie Conference of the M.E. Church, for the endowment of Alleghany College, in consideration of which he is en- titled to a perpetual scholarship to himself, his heirs and assigns forever, in said College, or some other under the patronage of said Conference. In Witness Whereof we have hereunto set our hands and the seal of the corporation, this Sixth day of March. A.D. 1848.

                        Moses Hill.  Pres't. Board, C. F. S.
                        Wm. S. Drew. Sect'ary of Board, C. F. S."

The compiler possesses a letter from "Benj. K. Maltby to Rev. Jonathan (4) Maltby," as follows:

"My Father was William Maltby mentioned in the letter of Ste- phen L. Maltby, my Uncle.

He married Rachel Kerr.

He had 13 children.

1.  David Maltby.  Born in 1803.  Now living Seneca Co., Ohio.  He
is a member of the Bar in that County.  He married Lucy Marsh, daugh-
ter of Hosea Marsh.  His children are Jasper A. Maltby, Henry A.,
Elizabeth, Matilda and William H.
2.  Ira Maltby.  Born in 1805.  Now living in Ashtabula, Ashtabula
Co., Ohio.  He married Emily Barney, Daughter of John Barney.  His
children are Mary Adele who died in infancy, Lydia Augusta who died
in her 5th year, Minerva Adelle and Ellin A., both living.
3.  Joseph Maltby.  Born in 1807.  He married Jerusha Taft.  His
children are Augustus Benjamin, Henry and Mary, all three living.
     (Note. "Henry" must be an error, as his brother, Augustus B.,
gave the name as "Austin William.")
He is a preacher in the Local Ministry of the Methodist E. Church
and lives in Kingsville, Ashtabula Co., Ohio.
4.  Benjamin Kerr Maltby.  Born Sept. 18, 1809.  He married Harriet
Sophia Butler, Daughter of Henry W. Butler, Esq., of Summit Co., Ohio.
His children are Mary, Julia and Ellen.  He is a Minster of the *M. E.
Church 12 years in the itinerancy of the Erie Conference.  How
a local preacher and Member of the Board of National popular Educa-
tion and Acting agent of the same.  His residence is Cleveland, Cuya-
hoga Co., Ohio.
5.  Daniel Maltby.  Born Jany. 1812.  He married Polly Jackson. His
*children are Lydia and Ann, infant daughter born since his decease.
His residence was Ashtabula, Ashtabula Co., Ohio.  He d. in Nov.
1847.  He was also Member of the M. E. Church.
6.  Lydia Maltby.  Born 1814; d. in Ashtabula, 1843.
7.  Mary Maltby.  Born 1816; Died in Ashtabula, 1841.
8.  William Wesley Maltby.  Born 1818; Married Hannah Booth.  His
*children are Alfred Leslie, who died aged 5 years.  And two daugh-
ters, now four and one years respectively.  He is a Minister in the
travelling connection of the Erie Conference M.E. Church.  How station-
ed in Ashtabula, Ohio.
9.  Hester A. Maltby.  Born in 1821, and unmarried.
10. George Washington Maltby.  Born 1823.  He married Ursula Smith.
His only child is Mary W.  He is also in the Conference M.E. Church.
Now stationed in Windham, Vt. 
11.  John F. Maltby.  Born 1825, Died in 1844.
12.  Isaac Newton Maltby.  Born 1828.  Died in Island of Bermuda,
W. Indies in 1845.
13.  Charles Milton Maltby, twin, b. 1828.  Now a student in Alle-
ghanny College Pennsylvania.

These are the children of William Maltby, the names, etc. of his father's family are committed in the letter of Stephen L. Maltby. William Maltby died in Worthington, Franklin Co., Ohio, 1836 in the 67 year of his age.

My Mother Rachel Maltby is still living in Ashtabula.
               Affectionately & sincerely Yours,
                             Benj. K. Maltby"

"To Rev. Jonathan Maltby."

*Note. Benjamin Kerr Maltby gives only four children. Accord- ing to Col. Ralph Robinson Maltby, there was a son Clayton. He had probably died quite young.

Also, Benjamin K. gives the children of Daniel as "Lydia and Ann." My notes give the children as "Lydia Ann, b. 1844, and Flor- ence Isabella, b. 1848."

We can date the foregoing record, roughtly, from the statement that William Wesley Maltby "has two daughters, now aged four and one, respectively." The daughters, as sent me, were: Lydia Marie, b. 1845 and Helen Marr, b. 1852. Probably the record was written about 1849-1850.

     Children of Benjamin Kerr Maltby and Harriet S. Butler:
          (according to records sent)
CFE-DCD-a.  Alice Maltby
CFE-DCD-b.  Mary     "    One of these daughters "was an artist and
CFE-DCD-c.  Julia    "    m. Lieut. Shelby.  One resided in Louis-
CFE-DCD-d.  Ellen    "    ville, Kentucky in 1880."

Col. Ralph R. Maltby wrote: "There was a son Clayton." If so,

he probably died young or was born after the record of Benj.

K. Maltby was written. Rev. Benjamin Kerr Maltby painted the portrait of Col. Ralph R. Maltby's father.


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