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Maltby Genealogy - American Lineage - Fourth Generation

William and Lydia (RITTER) MALTBY

His Parents - Joseph and Elizabeth (PRATT) MALTBY

Spouce Parents -

kids - Mary , Elizabeth , William , Lydia , Catharine , Stephen , John , Ira , Isaac , Anna , Benjamin , Huldah , Percy , Alva , Sally and Percy

---- Pictures related to William and Lydia MALTBY, etc.

CFE-D. William Maltby, bp. June 13, 1742, at Branford (Jos.3, Dan.2, Wm.1).

He m. (1) Lydia RITTER, dau. of Thomas and Mary (Everdeen) RITTER. She was b. Dec. 18, 1743, at Hartford, Conn. He had four children by her, born, 1764, 1766, 1768 and 1770. The first child, Mary, was bapt. at East Hartford, Jan. 20, 1765. Lydia must have died between 1770 and 1772, as he mar. (2) at Lenox, Mass., Catharine Lee, she b. 1755; d. Dec. 3, 1798, at Vershire, Vermont. By her he had twelve children. There must, however, have been others who probably died young, as Rev. Jonathan (4) Maltby wrote of him: "He lived and died in Vershire, Vermont. William said to one: 'I have nineteen sons and daughters, and it may be twenty.'" William's third wife was Submit Gibbs, by whom it is claimed, he had no children.

According to the "Hist. of Northfield, Mass., for 100 years, with Family Genealogies," p. 412, Ed. by George Sheldon and J.H. Temple, " the 3rd wife of William Maltby was "Submit Stratton, b. Sept. 8, 1755, dau. of Eleanor Stratton. She mar. (1) May 9, 1797, Asa Briggs of Northfield, who d. June 7, 1797, and she m. (2) March 10, 1799, William Maltby, Esqre of Vershire, Vermont."

Mr. F. A. Molby of Baldwin, Kansas, has recently obtained through Mrs. H. E. Stockwell, our earliest reference to William Maltby as being of Lenox, Mass. (Berkshire Middle District Registry of Deeds, Pittsfield, "Book 8, Page 929.")

                              "Daniel Richards and Ann Richards his 

Lenox. To William Maltby of Lenox.

Location. Lenox. 1/2 part. 20

Nature. 104 A. (acres)

Consideration #160

    Executed May 29, 1772. 
    Acknowledged May 30, 1772. 
    Recorded June 15, 1772. 
               Signed: Daniel and Anna Richards 
            Witnesses. Jah'l Woodbridge 
                       Jonathan Foster." 

(Lenox, Mass. Record.)

    "Ear marks for cattle, 1774-5 
     William Maltby and Jonathan Maltby." 
       (This may not be Jonathan brother of William Maltby). 

                    Rev. War Service. 

(Ref. Mass. Soldiers and Sailors of the Rev. War. Vol. X, p. 152)

"Enlisted Sept. 21, 1777; discharged Oct. 14, 1777. Service 24 days at Northward." William Maltby.

A further service was in 1780.

"William Maltby, private. Capt. Charles Dibbles Co., Col. Rosseter's (3rd Berkshire Regt.). Enlisted Oct. 18, 1780, dis- charged, Oct. 22, 1780. Service 4 days, on the alarm at the North- ward."

It has always been assumed that Jonathan Maltby was William's brother Jonathan, but in view of the fact that Rev. Jonathan (4) Maltby, wrote of Jonathan, son of Samuel (3) Maltby, that "he mar- ried a Miss Culver and went to Lenox, Mass." This Jonathan of 1774/5 might be Jonathan, 2nd cousin of William. Especially as "Branford Deeds, Vol. IX, p. 433" under date: "July 1775" speaks of Jonathan, brother of William, as "Jonathan Maltbie and Lydia Maltbie of Goshen."

Even later we have, (kindness of Mr. F. A. Molby) a Pittsfield, Mass. record: Deed executed, 13 June 1781, where Jonathan Maltby is called "of Goshen."

There is a record: "The Covenant, signed in Lenox, Mass., in 1774, was by unaminous vote of the town, in 1828, it was ordered to be put upon the town records, at the special request of Hon. William Walker and Col. Elijah Northorp. The only persons now living whose names are on the list."

The list of signers is given and amongst the names are those of William Maltby and Samuel Wright. (Ref. "Barber's Hist. Coll. of Mass., p. 81").

Pittsfield, Mass. Deeds show that "William Maltbie was of Lenox, in 1776-7."

By 1777 we have his Rev. War record.

M. Olin, Secretary of the Commonwealth of Mass. sent the follow- ing: certificate of his service.

"William Maltby, residence not given, as serving in a company commanded by Capt. Oliver Belding, of Lenox, Col. John Brown's reg- iment, in 1777."

We have seen that the first wife of William Maltby was Lydia Ritter. The will of her father is given below. (Hartford Probate Rec. Vol. 21, p. 21)

"June 12, 1770.

The last Will and Testament of Thomas Ritter of Hartford, de- creased, was exhibited in Court by Daniel and John Ritter, two of the executors named in said Will, who accepted their trust. Said Will being proved is by this Court approved and ordered to be recorded." (Vol. 21, p. 26)

"Will of Thomas Ritter of Hartford--dated 13 April 1770.

"To loving wife Elizabeth--1/3 part of buildings and improveable lands as long as she shall remain my widow.

"To dau. Lydia Maulby #5 in value in Indian corn at the market price.

"Two my two grand-daugh., Mary and Elizabeth Maulby--a piece of land on the East side of the great River.

"To son Moses Ritter #20, value, to be paid in rye or Indian corn.

"To my two sons Daniel and John Ritter--all my other lands." (Vol. 21, p.27)

"At a court held 16 July 1770, it was certified by John Bek a Justice of the Peace, that Moses Ritter, a minor, being 14 years of age, made choice of William Maulby of Caanan, in the County of Litchfield, to be his guardian, which this court allows and the said Maulby now acknowledges himself bound; said minor is a son of Thomas Ritter late of Hartford, deceased." (Vol. 22, p. 160)

"Administration on the Estate of Moses Ritter late of Hartford, dec'd was granted to Elizabeth Ritter, mother of said dec'ed who gave bond with Nathaniel Roberts of Hartford."

In the "Index to Hartford, Conn. Deeds" we find the name of William Maltby who bought land there in 1764. "William and Thomas Ritter bought land from the same person." (Name not sent). They both owned land in the same vicinity at Hartford.

"The last of William's deeds, dated '4 May 1771' says he was of Caanan in Litchfield Co." (Lenox, Mass. Record)

"William Maltby, chosen and voted, surveyor of highways, etc., Jan. 30, 1775, tithing man, commissioned to buy blankets for the War." (Kindness of Mr. F. A. Molby)

"Berkshire Middle District Registry of Deeds, Pittsfield."

"Book 37. Page 461.

"William Maltby of Lenox to James Richardson of Lenox.

Location: Lenox. 
    Nature. 4 A.  (acres) 
    Consideration.  # 50 
    Executed 2 July 1779. 
"Signed Wm. Maltbey" in presence of Aaron Adams and Huldah Crittenden. State of Vermont, Orange Co., Nov. 8, 1784--appeared Wm. Maltbey, signer and sealer and a instrument before Joshua Tucker, J. of P. Reed. and Recorded Oct. 16, 1798." (Note. I find an item: "Lenox. First realty transfer to Wm. Maltby, 3 - 29 - 1782.") Wm. Goodrich of Stockbridge, Mass. to
                                        Mr. Maltby of Lenox, Mass. 
Mr. Molby also sent:                    three rights of land in 
    "Book 16 - Page 291."               Vershire Twp., Orange Co., 
        "William Maltbie of Lenox to     Vermont. 3-29-1782. 
           Moses Nash of Stockbridge. 

Location. Lenox

    Nature  90 A  (acres) 
    Consideration # 500 
    Executed 24 June 1782. 
    Acknowledged 24 June 1782. 
    Recorded.  April 7, 1784 
        "Farm on which William now lives with dwelling house." 
    (Jonathan Maltbie mentioned as one of the abutters.) 
            Signed.  William Maltbie 
            Wit.     William Goodrich. 
                     Ashbel Strong." 

Note. In the 1779 Record, a witness was "Huldah Crittenden" while we find, deed dated 1776, William's brother, Joseph of Lenox, purchased from "Stephen Crittenden of Lenox."

The 1st Census of the United States, 1790, records: "Heads of Families. Vershire town--Orange Co., Vermont."

    "William Maltbie        eleven in family. 
     one male over 16 
     five males under 16 
     five females 
Stephen Lee Maltby, of Elba, N.Y. Letter dated "July 18, 1849" wrote: "Father had sixteen children, eleven married, the rest died previous to marriage."
The Index to Hemmingway's Vermont Hist. Gazette, gives: 
    "William Maltby 11, 1133(2) 
    "William Maltbie 11, 1132(2)  " 
In the old graveyard at Vershire, Vt., stands a tombstone of William Maltby's Family. It is in two pieces and the first inscription is illegible, all that can be read is:
    "In memory of widow Elizabeth       died 1797 (or 8) in 
               the 43rd (?) year of her age.  (looks like 83rd) 
        died Dec. 21." 

(Note. Possibly Elizabeth Ritter.  (Someone wrote "it looked like 

"The following is plainly legible." "Wife of William Maltby, Esqre, Dec. 3, 1798 aged 43" "Percy, died 1792, aged 3"

Lydia, died 1792 in her 23rd year, Nov. 17 
 Ira, died 1797, aged 17 years, August. 
 Anna died 1798, Oct. 11, aged 17 years. 
 Alva, died 1798, Oct. 12, aged 3 years." 

("The area about Lee and Lenox, Mass. supplied the marble for the North and South wings of the Capitol building at Washington, D.C.")

The second wife of William Maltby, Catherine Lee, was dau. of Stephen and Catherine (Forbes) Lee. He son of Dr. Isaac Lee and Mary Hubbard of Middletown, Conn. He s. of Dr. Stephen and Eliza- beth (Reyes) Lee of Wallingford, Conn., and he a son of John Lee of Hartford and wife Mary Hart, dau. of Stephen Hart.

The will of Stephen Lee of Pittsfield, Mass, 1783, probated 1784, mentions "daughter Cate, wife of William Maltby."

    Children of William Maltby: 
CFE-Da.  Mary Maltby, b. Nov. 22, 1764 
CFE-Db.  Elizabeth Maltby, bp. 20 July 1766, East Hartford. 
CFE-DC.  William     "     bp. 14 Aug. 1768   "      " 
CFE-Dd.  Lydia       "     b. Jan. 17, 1770 (Lenox Rec); 
                          d. Nov. 17, 1792. 
CFE-De.  Catharine   "     b. Nov. 19, 1775 (Lenox Rec.) 
CFE-DF.  Stephen Lee "     b. Jan. 22, 1777    "    " 
CFE-DG.  John        "     b. Oct. 22, 1778    "    " 
CFE-DH.  Ira         "     b. March 18, 1780   "    " 
                          d. Aug. 1797, Vershire, Vt. 
CFE-DI.  Isaac       "     b. ---- 
CFE-Dj.  Anna        "     b. 1781; d. Oct. 11, 1798 
CFE-DK.  Benjamin    "     b. ---- 
CFE-Dl.  Huldah      "     b. ---- 
CFE-DM.  Percy       "     b. 1789; d. 1792. 
CFE-DN.  Alva        "     b. 1796; d. 1798. 
CFE-Do.  Sally       "     b. ---- 
CFE-DP.  Percy       "     b. ---- 


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