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Maltby Genealogy - American Lineage - Sixth Generation

Orrin and wives Eleanor BRADISH
, Mary Eleanor (called Betsey) (UNDERWOOD)
and Betsey Hosmer COOK MALTBY

His Parents - Chandler and Sabra (COOK) MALTBY

Spouce Parents -

kids - Betsey , Ellen , Eleanor , Alvin , Grove , Luman , Almond , Franklin , Estella , Oscar , Carrie and Grove

---- Pictures related to George MALTBY, etc.

CFE-BCE. Orrin MALTBY, b. Jan. 27, 1813 (Chandler 5, Jos. 4, Jos. 3, Dan. 2, Wm. 1). m. July 4, 1834, Eleanor BRADISH. m. (2) Mary Eleanor (called Betsey) UNDERWOOD, June 7, 1840; she d. in the spring of 1857. He m. (3) Betsey Hosmer COOK, Oct. 5, 1857. She d. Dec. 22, 1898. She was a cousin of his 2nd wife. Orrin served ten years in the N.Y. State Militia before the Civil War, and was Capt. of this Company. On account of age and service he did not enlist when the war broke out. He removed to Flint, Michigan and died in 1894. A photograph taken after the Civil War, of Orrin (6) is owned by the compiler.

     Child by 1st wife:
CFE-BCE-a.  Betsey Maranda Maltby, b. May 23, 1835; d. aged 6 (or 9?)
     By 2nd wife:
CFE-BCE-b.  Ellen Maltby, b. Dec. 21, 1840.
CFE-BCE-c.  Eleanor  "    b. July 19, 1842; d. June 13, 1843.
CFE-BCE-D.  Alvin    "    b. Nov. 3, 1846.
CFE-BCE-E.  Grove    "    Died young.
CFE-BCE-F.  Luman A. "    b. July 11, 1851.
CFE-BCE-G.  Almond O. "   b. Nov. 21, 1854.
CFE-BCE-H.  Franklin  "   b. June 14, 1857; d. Oct. 13, 1857.
     By 3rd wife:
CFE-BCE-i.  Estella B. "  b. Nov. 14, 1858, mar. Apr. 18, 1878,
                           Henry A. Gifford. She d. Feb.28,1889.
                           No children.
CFE-BCE-J.  Oscar R.   "  b. Aug.11,1864 (74 Patterson St.) Flint,Mich.
CFE-BCE-k.  Carrie     "  b. Aug. 5, 1869; d. Aug. 10, 1870.
CFE-BCE-L.  Grove Benjamin Maltby, b. May 2, 1875.
                (Records by him).


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