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Maltby Genealogy - American Lineage - Seventh Generation

Rev. Clark Orlando and Fannie F. (CLARK) MALTBY

His Parents - Rev. Sherman and Maria (THOMAS) MALTBY

Spouce Parents -

kids - none

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CFE-BAG-D. Rev. Clark Orlando MALTBY, b. July 19, 1836, South Rutland, N.Y. (Sherman 6, Jos.5, Jos.4, Jos.3, Dan.2, Wm.1).

In June 1857 he graduated from the State Normal School at Albany, N.Y.; he then taught one year in the Collegiate and Polytechnic Inst., at Brooklyn, N.Y.

In Sept. 1857, he married Miss Fannie F. CLARK and settled in business at Watertown, N.Y., where he remained fifteen years, active in church work and served as Deacon, Clerk, Chorister and Treasurer. He also was interested in the Sunday School in which he taught and served as Superintendent.

In the winter of 1872, he expressed a desire of long standing to enter the ministry and the year following began a three year's course of study in the Rochester Theological Seminary. He graduated in 1877 and assumed the duties of pastor at the Baptist Church, Madison, Wis., in response to a call, previously extended to him.

In 1881 he made a tour of Europe, visiting many important places and cities of interest. His relations with the Madison church were very harmonious and when in 1883 he offered his resignation it was not accepted, instead the church offered to give him a year's leave of absence. After spending a few months in California he returned to the vicinity of Chicago, and later settled in Philadelphia, where during a successful pastorate, a new house of worship was erected.

His next charge was at Paterson, N. Jersey, where after seven years of service, a church building was completed and dedicated. His last pastorate was at Newton, Pa., where a church building was erected.

His aim was always to build up--not to pull down, consequently he had many friends in the churches where he served.

Mr. Maltby wrote a number of songs--a booklet before me contains his hymns: "Crowns for the Faithful," "Lord, Lead Me," "The Suppliant's Plea," "This Blessed Hope"--"A Call to Victory"--"Lift Up"--"Knocking at the Heart's Door"--"God's Telephone"--"Walking With God"--"No Folks Like Mine to Me"--"All Right, Come In"-- "The Children Up in Heaven"--"The Child's Wish", "I'm Coming" and "Remember Me."

On the back cover are verses entitled "People I Love to Meet." The songs are set to music.

Forced to give up his pastorate through lack of health, he still visited the sick of the city hospital, availing himself of every opportunity to extend a helping hand.

In Sept. 1910, Rev. Clark O. Maltby "and, with the companion of his youth still spared to him," he attended the first Reunion of the Maltby Family Association, at Branford, Conn. There being present thirty of Maltby blood and six "in-laws." The group photograph, p. 403, Maltby-Maltbie Family History, shows him in the 2nd row, and his photograph is on p. 361. He ends the account of his life as looking back over the years that have fled and rejoicing that his labors have not been in vain. Their only child, a daughter, died in infancy.


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