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Maltby Genealogy - American Lineage - Seventh Generation

Eli and Celestine (CALKINS) MALTBY

Eli and Eleanor ((ALLEN) ROUNDS) MALTBY

His Parents - Deacon Milo and Mercy ((Brown) JUDD) MALTBY

Spouce Parents -

kids - Emma J. , Milo Sherman , Charles Nelson , Mary Emma , William Asher , Merrick Lewis , Orrin Frank and Ann

---- Pictures related to Eli and wives Celestine and Eleanor MALTBY, etc.

CFE-BAA-D. Eli MALTBY, b. May 11, 1822 (Milo 6, Jos.5, Jos.4, Jos.3, Dan.2, Wm.1). m. July 4, 1847-8, Celestine CALKINS, who died. m. (2) May 30, 1860, Mrs. Eleanor (ALLEN) ROUNDS; she d. Aug. 1, 1906. In 1908 he was living at Park Rapids, Minn. He was a "first class mechanic at Minneapolis, Minn. Eli and Gilbert Rice could outwork any two men I have ever seen." wrote Charles W. MALTBY.

     Children of Eli and Celestine (CALKINS) MALTBY:
CFE-BAA-Da.  Emma J. Maltby, b. Sept. 21, 1850; d. Sept. 24, 1855.
CFE-BAA-DB.  Milo Sherman "  b. July 22, 1854.
CFE-BAA-DC.  Charles Nelson Maltby, b. Nov. 4, 1856.
CFE-BAA-Dd.  Mary Emma        "
     Children of Eli and Eleanor ((ALLEN) ROUNDS) MALTBY:
CFE-BAA-DE.  William Asher Maltby, b. Apr. 24, 1863 (or Apr. 27).
CFE-BAA-DF.  Merrick Lewis   "     b.  "    "    "     (twin)
CFE-BAA-DG.  Orrin Frank     "     b. Aug. 17, 1869.
              ("No credit to family.  Mar. a nice woman in Pasadena,
                Calif. had 2 boys. Separated. He mar. again and
CFE-BAA-Dh.  Ann Maltby, supposed to have died young.

Recent e-mail

Subject: Maltby Surname
Date: Sat, 23 Dec 2006 00:18:22 EST

I saw the information you uploaded to specifically the information on Eli Charles Maltby, wife Celestine Calkins and their children.  I have more information, and some that differs from yours.   I wonder if we could help each other and sort some things out.

According to my research, Eli Maltby (my ancestor) was married twice.  I don't know when Celestine died, but he married (2) Elenor Allen before July 17, 1860 when the 1860 census was taken in Boylston Twp, Oswego Co., NY.   I have traced them to MN thru 1895 and on to California, last finding them on the 1900 census there.  I have Eli Maltby's children as follows:

1. Mary Maltby (born about 1854 - is 16 on the 1870 census), married Henry Willey (my gr gr grandfather, died 1880 in MN and is buried in Mpls with her husband.
2. Milo Sherman Maltby (born abt 1855), married Hattie Smith, died Feb 19, 1920 in MT.
3. Charles N Maltby (born Nov 1857 per 1900 census), married Mary G Marcellus, died aft January 13/14, 1920 per 1920 census in MT)
4. Clarissa Maltby (born abt 1859 per 1860 census in NY). It is believed she died young as she was not found on later census records.
5.  William A Maltby (born 1863 per census), married Clara Curtis, died after Jan 2, 1920 per census in CA.  
6.  Merrick Lewis Maltby (born Feb 1864 per 1900 Census), married Susie Carter, last found on the census in 1930 in Oregon.
7.  Ann Maltby (born 1870 and died young)
8.  Frank Orrin or Orrin Frank Maltby (born 1869)  

It is assumed that Mary, Milo and Charles are the children of Celestine and possibly Clarissa (she was 1 years old on the 1860 census), but the others are apparently Elenor's children.  

I knew nothing about Emma J Maltby (born 1850) or your Mary Emma Maltby (born in 1858).   Did you find this information in your research (and if so, could you provide me your resources) and/or did someone else give you this info?  I'm fairly confident that my research is correct and has been substantiated but I could well have overlooked something.  

Thank you,
Vicki Larson


Dorothy's Maltby Manuscript


Emma J.

Milo Sherman

Charles Nelson

Mary Emma

William Asher

Merrick Lewis

Orrin Frank



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