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Maltby Genealogy - American Lineage - Fourth Generation

Joseph and unknown (UNKNOWN) MALTBY

His Parents - Joseph and Elizabeth (PRATT) MALTBY

Spouce Parents -

kids - Joseph , Mary , Chandler , Grove , Elizabeth , Erastus and Hannah

---- Pictures related to Joseph and Mrs. MALTBY, etc.

CFE-B. Joseph MALTBY, bapt. May 21, 1738, at Branford (Jos.3, Dan.2, Wm.1).

The name of his wife is not known. Possibly she was a Chandler as they name a son Chandler.

We quote from "Goshen Statistics" by Lewis M. Norton, Vol. I, p. 548-9."

"Maltbie Family"

"Several persons of this name have formerly lived in this town, although now but little is known of them. The probability is that they were all originallly from Branford.

"Joseph Maltbie. The first purchase made by this man in Goshen, was from Jeremiah Howe, Junr., May 18, 1761, on the South part of School Hill, on the east side of the road. He was then spoken of as belonging to Goshen.

On the 15th of April, 1762, he bought a piece from Jeremiah Howe, Senior, opposite, on the West side of the School Hill road.

He was a Joiner, by trade. Finished off the Meeting House in Goshen in 1769; was called "a good workman."

From the above we learn Joseph was in Goshen from 1761 to 1769, or from the time he was 23 until he was 31 years old.

Mr. F. A. Molby, of Baldwin, Kansas, has recently obtained through Mrs. H. E. Stockwell of Pittsfield, Mass., the following record: (Berkshire Middle District Registry of Deeds)


(Book 11 Page 211) Stephen Crittenden of Lenox to

Joseph Maltby of Lenox.

Nature. 2 acres

Executed 10 Oct. 1776. Asknowledged. 18 Oct. 1776, in Fairfield Co., Conn. Recorded 25 Mar. 1783."

It is not evident why this Deed was acknowledged in Fairfield County, unless Crittenden came from there. Goshen is in Litchfield County.

My records give: "In 1776-7, Joseph Maltby was of Lenox, Mass." The Goshen record reads he was there "to 1769." Possibly he had moved away in 1768, the year his son Joseph, was born, and resided in Fairfield County until 1776 when he moved to Lenox.

A Deed, dated "1780-2,"mentions him selling land in Lenox; and a Deed, dated 1780 calls him "Joseph Maltby of Harwinton."

The Caanan Church records state: "18 Aug. 1782, Joseph Maltby and his wife, admitted from the church in Harwinton." (I have a note; "Nov. 1782, Joseph was of Caanan.")

On the "26th of June, 1785, Joseph Maltby from Salisbury." Joseph's son Chandler was bapt. 1779 at Goshen.

" " Grove " " 1782 at Caanan.

" dau.Elizabeth " " 1785 " "

As late as "May, 1790," Joseph is called of Canan." (1790 Census. Conn. Heads of Families)

"Joseph Maltby of Litchfield (County?)

        2 males over 16     (Self and Joseph, b. 1768) 
        3 males under 16    (Chandler, Grove and Erastus) 
        6 females           (Wife and 5 other females. 
                              I have record of only 3 daughters). 
(Hist. of Goshen, Conn.) 

Church Members.

1794. The wife of Joseph Maltby was admitted."

(Canan Wills for this period are recorded at Sharon, Conn.)

CFE-BA.  Joseph, b. ---- 1768 
CFE-Bb.  Mary, b. Feb. 4, 1769 
CFE-BC.  Chandler, b. Apr. 28, 1779, at Goshen 
CFE-BD.  Grove, b. May 3, 1782, bpt. at Caanan, 15 Aug. 1782 
CFE-Be.  Elizabeth, bp. March 1785, at Caanan 
CFE-BF.  Erastus, b. ---- 
CFE-Bg.  Hannah, 


Dorothy's Maltby Manuscript










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