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Maltby Genealogy - American Lineage - Third Generation

Captain William and Sarah (DAVENPORT) MALTBY

His Parents - William and Elizabeth (MORRIS) MALTBY

Spouse's Parents -

Kid - Elizabeth , John , William , Sarah and Mary

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CDA. Captain William MALTBY, b. May 26, 1700 at New Haven, (Wm. 2, Wm. 1). The record of his m. reads: "Mr. William MALTBY and Mrs. Sarah DAVENPORT of Stamford, were married Feb. 12, 1723-4." (New Haven Rec.) "Mrs." in this instance, was used as a title of respect and social standing. She was dau. of Rev. John Davenport and his first wife, Martha (Gould) Selleck. Sarah was b. in July, 1702.

William Maltby's mother m. for her 2nd husband, Rev. John Davenport. She was his 2nd wife, and Sarah Davenport was a dau. of the Rev'd John's first wife. They were, of course, of no blood relationship, but it was very natural that these two, in a sence, stepbrother and sister, should have married.

William Maltby seems to have been rather an independent person, which is rather a Maltby characteristic.

        Mrs. Cushman's notes contain the following items:
"April 1727.  Wm. Maltbie of New Haven.  Suit for #243.
       1728.   "     "        "    "     Debt.    #266.
       1729.   "     "        "    "     Suit     #309.
       1730.   "     "        "    "     Suit     #316.

When he was 13, (1713) he went with his mother to Stamford."

We find: "1730. Wm. Maltbie of New Haven, being found guilty of profamation of the Sabbath or Lord's Day, on the 21st of June last, and sentenced to pay 10 shillings and costs, appealed to this Court, and pleaded that process should be quashed. Decision that there is no appeal in this case, as Court dismisses action, as not cognizable by this Court." (p. 326).

(When the "Blue Laws" of Connecticut are recalled whereby a man might not kiss his wife on Sunday, probably we should not regard this "profanation" as very serious.)

The following record is of a more serious character. "Jan. 1730. Mr. William Maltbie of New Haven disobeyed the order to keep on board his vessel, just from Boston, where small pox raged, and was ordered to be apprehended. He came ashore last June." (p. 327) 1731. The case came up but attorney was absent so it was deferred till Nov. Bond of # 15. (p. 336) Nov. The case came up again, but Capt. Maltbie had gone to sea, so it was deferred till April 1731-2. (p. 349)

The list of suits follows. Suit, p. 334; suit, p. 336; suit, p.339; debt, p. 368; debt, p.404. 1734. Capt. William Maltby must have died about this time as his widow, Sarah Davenport, mar. Apr. 23 (?) 1735, Rev. Eleazer Wheelock of Lebanon, Conn. Dr. Wheelock was the founder of Dartmouth College of which he was the first president. The marriage record reads: "Mrs. Sarah Maltby, relict of Capt. William Maltby of New Haven, and daughter of Rev. John Davenport of Stamford."

Capt. William may be the one intended in the "Trowbridge Genealogy, p. 52" where it states: "About 1741, Hezakiah Sabin came to New Haven and bought of the heirs of William Maltbie the house on the corner of Water and Union streets, near the Creek."

Sarah Davenport was of the 20th generation, a lineal descendant of Ormus de Dauneporte, of 1086 A.D.

Rev. Jonathan (4) Maltby wrote of Sarah Davenport Maltby: "So endeared was she to her husband by her natural and moral qualities that her gravestone bears the inscription that her character was too estimable for an epitaph." "She died in Lebanon, Nov. 13, 1746, aged 43-44."

(Ref. D. L. Jacobus in "New Haven Gen. Mag., May, 1928, Vol. V, No. 2, p. 1136). "All bapt. New Haven Congregational Church No. 1." From other sources, I have: "William, b. May 26, 1724." (Ralph D. Smith) John, b. Aug. 3, 1727, New Haven, Conn. Mary "died in youth an example of patience and piety." Elizabeth, b. Mch. 17, 1725-6. (Ref. Vol. I, New Haven Rec. p. 131).

(There is no Mary in Jacobus' list).

    Children of Capt. William and Sarah (Davenport) Maltby.
CDA-a.  Elizabeth Maltby, bp. Mar. 27, 1726.
CDA-B.  John         "    b. August 3, 1727.
CDA-C.  William      "    bp. April 6, 1729 (evidently died young).
CDA-d.  Sarah        "    bp. July 26, 1730. (Untraced)
CDA-e.  Mary         "    bp. June, 20, 1731.


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