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Maltby Genealogy - American Lineage - Fourth Generation

William MALTBY

His Parents - Captain William and Sarah (DAVENPORT) MALTBY

Spouse's Parents -

Kid - none

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CDA-C. William Maltby, bp. 20 June 1731, New Haven (Wm.3, Wm.2, Wm.1).

The following evidently refers to this William Maltby.

"A Muster Roll of the Men raised and passed Muster in the County of Suffolk, 1759. Gilbert Potter, Capt., Jesse Platt, Joseph Brewster, Lieuts.

    "William Maltby, April 19.  Age 28.  Seabrook (Saybrook) Conn. 
     Capt. Stron's Company Militia." 
(Conn. Hist. Soc. Vol. 9, p. 193) 
    "Maltby, William. 
     Campaign.  1757 
     Col. Lyman's Regt. 
     13th Co. Capt. Preston 
     Time of enlisting, March 26. 
     Time of return, Nov. 9." 

(French and Indian War Rolls, 1755-1757)

Note: "The General Assembly in Feb. 1751 resolved to raise 1400 men for the next campaign, to be formed into one Regiment of 14 companies to act in conjunction with the regular troops under command of Earl of London.

In October the Assembly ordered the enlisting of three companys of 94 men each, officers included, out of the troops already in service to remain in service throughout the winter. An alarm in August at the time of the capture of Fort William Henry called out many of the Militia."

The following may pertain to William (4) son of William (3), or it might refer to William (4) son of John (3). (County Rec. of New Haven. Vol. IV, 1739-1755, p. 722)

"William Maltby of Wallingford, plaintiff, against Andrew Galloway. Jan. 1755."

The Military record, "William Maltby, 1759 aged 28" checks with William bp. 1731, and does not correspond to the age of William (4), (John 3, John 2), b. 1727.

The 1755 record, Wallingford, of William Maltby, plaintiff, apparently does refer to William (4), (John 3, John 2, Wm.1). (See No. IV.47).

      Children - none


Dorothy's Maltby Manuscript



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