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Maltby Genealogy - American Lineage - Fourth Generation

Rev. John and Susanna (HUTCHINGS) MALTBY

His Parents - Captain William and Sarah (DAVENPORT) MALTBY

Spouse's Parents -

Kid - Elizabeth , William , John and Margaret

---- Pictures related to John and Susanna MALTBY, etc.

CDA-B. Rev. John Maltby, b. August 3, 1727, New Haven (Wm.3, Wm.2, Wm.1).

He was graduated at Yale College in 1747. He went to Bermuda, and later to Charlestown, South Carolina, and lastly, to Hanover, New Hampshire, where he died in 1771. (Ref. Davenport Gen.).

We quote from Rev. Jonathan (4) Maltby: "Rev. John Maltby, Yale, 1747. President Stiles said of him: 'he was the best Hebrewisher of the age.' (i.e. Hebrew Scholar)

"In 1791 he came from South Carolina to my Father's" (Benjamin (3)) "in Northford on his way to Dartmouth College to succeed Pres- ident Wheelock. In two weeks he was a corpse."

"He was a tall large man, majestic deportment, pleasant, sociable, affectionate manners."

Mrs. Armstrong Maltbie of Syracuse, N.Y., wrote:

"Rev. John Maltbye of Bermuda, Presbyterian minister, was a room-mate of President Stiles of Yale, 1745, ordained by Presbytery of New York, Presbyterian church at Wilton, South Carolina, born at New Haven, died at Dartmouth College. His mother, widowed, married Dr. Wheelock, who educated him."

(New York Gen. & Biog. Record, Vol. 25, p. 188-9)

"After consulting with Mr. Pemberton, the celebrated Joseph Bellamy, and Eleazer Wheelock, the founder of Dartmouth College, Wheelock recommended his step-son John Maltby of New Haven, a tutor in the College of Nasson Hall (now the College of New Jersey) who was a nephew of the well known James Davenport of New Haven.

"Maltby was ordained by the New York Presbytery in 1754 and sent to Bermuda, where he remained near the 'close of his life, in 1771.'" (N.B. The name in this printed record is spelled "Maltly").

(From: Julia E. Mercer, "Aldie, " Smith Parish, Bermuda. Dec. 8, 1927)

"The Rev. John Maltby was the 2nd Presbyterian Minister to come in to Bermuda. The 1st, The Rev. James Paul, (1720-1750) had come from Scotland, but now, 30 years later, the Congregation petitionen the Presbytery of New York to receive them into their ecclesiastical connection and to send one of their Ministers to fill the Vacancy in Bermuda and the Rev. John Maltby was then sent.

"He came in 1750 and died in Bermuda in 1768." (Note. This is an error. He did not die in Bermuda).

"His marriage to Susanna HUTCHINGS, Nov. 7, 1754 is recorded in the Register of the Episcopal Minister doing duty in the Parish of Warwick at that time. His children were naturally baptised in the Presbyterian Church and no record of Mr. Maltby's (work?) is to be found."

The Reverend A. B. Cameron, Minister of the Warwick Presbyterian Church at Bermuda, very kindly sent the following notes:

"The Rev. John Maltby, 1750-1768. Another pretty long ministry to the advantage of the Congregation in those days. Two things are on record with regard to Mr. Maltby. The first is that the con- gregation into their ecclesiastical connection petitioned the Presby- tery of New York to be received. The Mother country, including Scotland, was very remote. The port of New York was about the near- est on the Continent to Bermuda, and with it Bermuda shippers did the greatest amount of their trade. Mr. Maltby had, himself, come from the Presbytery, and naturally wished to continue in connection with it.

"His name appears in the new trust deed of the church, dated 1754, as a trustee. But it appears in a still more interesting connection. Many of his congregation were in the habit of migrat- ing every year to Turks Island for the salt raking business there. About 1764, their rights and privileges were being assailed by the Bahamas Government who were claiming jurisdiction over them. A petition by the Bermudian salt rakers in which the names of no few- er than ten". . . .(unreadable) "occur, was presented to the House of Assembly. To support this with the authorities in England, the Assembly instituted an enquiry, and called for the testimony, prin- cipally of aged witnesses to the fact that Bermudians might be said to be the first discovers of the islands and that so far back as 1678 they had been making annual visits to them for the purpose of salt raking. The Rev. John Maltby appears among the witnesses, as we learn from the "Journals of the House of Assembly." "This quo- tation was taken from "Reminissences of an old Bermuda Church." Copies are still obtainable from Messrs. H.A. and E. Smith, Hamilton, Bermuda, price 50 cents."

Note. It would seem that Rev. John Maltby testified from know- ledge of his own ancestors having been engaged in this salt raking. His great-grandfather, William (1) had only been dead seventeen years, when Rev. John was born, and we know he owned a West India trade. William's inventory mentions: "8 bushels of salt, # 2-4s-."

I recall going to the Episcopal Church at Bermuda when I was ten years old. After the service the Rector spoke to Mother and upon hearing her name, said: "You should have gone to the Presbyterian Church as Maltby is a name connected with it."

Of Rev. John Maltby of Wilton, S. Carolina, there is little. (South Carolina Hist. & Gen. Magazine, Vol. X, p. 167)

"Died. Nov. 1771. John Maltby, Wilton." (Howe's Hist. Pres. Church in South Carolina," and "Richard's 'Hanover, New Hampshire.'")

"Obit. Here rests the body of ye Rev. John Maltby, born at Hew Haven in Connecticut, Aug. ye 3rd A.D. 1727, graduated at Yale College, A.D. 1747, minister to Presbyterian Church at Bermuda, then at Wilton, South Carolina. A strenuous Apostle of the doctrines of Grace--convinced of original Guilt and confident in ye Sole Righten- ousness of Christ, to Justify lost men before God.--In preaching zealous and pa--ten (?) in his doctrines,--in his sermons judicious-- mental powers, embelished with sacred and Polite Literature. In his friendship constant, sincere--cordial and trusty--detesting craft-dissimulation and Fraud--He died Sept. 30th A.D. 1771. A.E. 44." (Copied from a stone tablet 6 feet by 3 feet; four feet from Elder President Wheelock's monument at Hanover, New Hampshire). (Howe's account states: "He died at New Haven where he had gone for his health.")

It has been generally supposed that Rev. John Maltby left no children, nor was he thought to have married. Through the kindness of complete strangers it has been established that he married in Bermuda, and had children.

I have found an extract from the will of John Maltby and Susanna his wife, dated 1769. He left his property in the hands of nine Trustees, all members of the Presbyterian Church, I think. "Several tracts of land and houses in Trust to their children."

    Children of John and Susanna Maltby: 
CDA-Ba.  Elizabeth Maltby, b. ---- 
CDA-BB.  William      " 
CDA-BC.  John Davenport " 
CDA-Bd.  Margaret       "

I found the bapt. of a "Susannah Maltbie, dau. of John and Martha (Lightbourne) Darrell, Feb. 5, 1775.

Susanna Hutchins who mar. in 1754, Rev. John Maltby is called "dau. of Capt. John Darrell." Evidently she was the widow of Hutchins, but born, Darrell. Susanna Maltbie Darrell, may have been named for John's (who mar. Martha Lightbourne) aunt Susanna (Darrell) Hutchings-Maltby.

I also found--"Darrell of Bermuda, had a dau. Joy, who mar. Gilbert Livingston, who died 1789."

The fact that Rev. John Maltby moved away from home, like several others, caused his descendants to be unknown. The old people to whom I talked or wrote when I was a young girl, believed Rev. John left no descendants and were generally of the opinion that he was unmarried.

Only when I began making inquiries in Bermuda, did I dascover he not only married, but had at least four children. From there my next research led to South Carolina, and this gave some results.

Note. Miss Mabel L. Webber, Librarian of the South Carolina Hist. Soc., kindly sent the following: "Children of Rev. John Maltby.

"Elizabeth and William Maltby."

Elizabeth's marriage was at Charlestown, S. Carolina, 1809 William may be he, South Carolina, Rev. War. 1775. William Maltby." (As Rev. John married in 1754, this would make above William only about 18 in 1775).

John Davenport Maltby was of Bermuda in 1787, hence cannot be the John who died at Wilton, S. Carolina in Nov. 1771, nor could he be Rev. John who died Sept. 30, 1771.

Margaret married at Bermuda.


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