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Maltby Genealogy - American Lineage - Second Generation

John and Hannah (LORD) MALTBY

His Parents - William and Mary (BISHOP) MALTBY

Spouse's Parents - Capt. William and Lydia Buckland (BROWN) LORD

Kids - John , Nathaniel , William , Hannah , Mary , Jane and Dorothy

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CB. John MALTBY, b. 1670. (William 1). m. Hannah LORD. The date of birth I give as 1670 as Mr. Ralph Smith wrote: "John Maltby died August, 1727, at the age of 57". Where he was born is not known. It was not recorded at Bawtry, Yorks., where his sister Jane, was born in 1669.

Concerning John Maltby, Mr. Ralph D. Smith wrote: "He was a Cooper, but belonged to the better class in Society. He lived in Saybrook all his life."

Note. I do not think John Maltby was of Saybrook much before 1696, as we have the following Branford Records.

(Branford Annals, p. 43). "North Branford. On Mar. 4, 1687, John Maltbie (also spelt Maultbie). He was probably a son of William Maultbie."

(Branford Rec., Vol. II, p. 37). "1686. John Maltbye makes his mark (+) to an agreement that Jno. Rosewell have his land in one piece, Mar. 8, 1686-7."

(John would have been sixteen or seventeen at this date).

The above may be the record in "Branford annals" by Baldwin, New Haven Hist. Soc. Papers, Vol. III, p. 269.

"March 9, 1687-8. John Rosewell, Samuel Hoadley, Jon. Foote, Josiah Frisbie, William Barker, John Maultbie and Isaac Bartholomew were granted a parcel of land a mile square in the N.W. portion of the town." "They were to divide it among themselves as they could agree. They were young men pushing out to make new homes. They were thus the founders of families that have been prominent in North Branford since."

(Branford Church Record)

"Nov. 1688. John Maltbie joined the Chruch at Branford."

(Branford Rec. Vol. I, p. 223)

"April 17, 1694. John Maltbie entered his ear mark, which is a hollow crop, on the top of the near ear and a crop on the off ear, and a slit in the same ear."

Between 1694 and 1699, his father purchased a place for him at Saybrook, probably about 1696, for in that year he married, Aug. 13, 1696, Hannah Lord. She was daughter of Capt. William Lord of Saybrook, and his wife, Lydia Buckland (Brown) Lord, and grand-daughter of Thomas Lord of Hartford, and his wife Dorothy Bird, who sealed her will, dated Feb. 8, 1669, with the Lord coat-of-arms; viz:---

"Argent on a fess gules, between three cinquefeils, azure, a hind passant, between two pheons, or. Crest: a demi-bird sable, horned, or, wings expanded, the dexter outside, gules, inside, argent; the sinister outside, of the last and in- side of the third."

Thomas Lord was son of Richard Lord of Towcaster, Northamptonshire, England, and Dorothy Bird, b. 1589, was dau. of Robert Bird and his wife Amy -------.

By 1699 we have a record calling John Maltby "of Saybrook." (Branford Rec. Vol. II, p. 129; also, New Haven County Court Record Vol. II, p. 3).

"March 15, 1699. I, John Maltbie of Saybrook, sell to my honored father, Wm. Maltbie of Branford, for the sum of # 8, a piece of land, etc. Acknowledged before

                         Wm. Maltbie, Justice Peace. 

(Branford Rec. Vol. II, p. 44)

"John Maltbie, among others, receives 8 acres in Branford and promises to improve it." (Branford Annals)

"March 21, 1700. John Maultbie removes to New London, and sells to his father, William."

(New London County Court Files, of 1703)

"1703. The Constable to summon Capt. Thomas Avery of Saybrook to answer Benjamin Lord of the same, for, and in behalf of himself as a lawful attorney for his brothers and sisters. James Lord, Susanna Lord, (relict and Admtx) of her late husband Samuel Lord, late of Saybrook, *John Hobson in the right of his wife Dority and Daniel Lord and John Maltby and right of his wife Hannah, and Elizabeth Lord, lawfully begotten of the body of our honored mother Lydia Lord, as legatees of their honored father Mr. William Lord, late of Saybrook, by his last will in September 1703." *(Lord Monograph by Mrs. Salisbury gives this name as "Hopson" - which is evidently correct).

(Branford Rec. Vol. IV, p. 246)

"Sept. 30, 1713. Henry Cook of Branford deeds to John Maltbie of Saybrook, 'for good causes and considerations,' land in Branford."

The will of John Maltby is dated "Mar. 11, 1727, recorded and proved Sept. 12-1727." He mentions: Wife Hannah and children, John; Nathaniel; Hannah; Mary; Jane and Dorothy. He gave each of his daughters a share in his mansion house, gave his Cooper's tools and shop; Malt house; tub and haircloth, etc. Amount of estate # 459-17-2. His wife Hannah was executrix. Samuel Willard witnessed John's will. He was a son of John Maltby's step-mother, by her 1st husband, Josiah Willard. Samuel Willard resided in Saybrook. The will was probated at Guilford. The compiler has never seen a copy.

Note. In 1730, the executrix of John Maltby's will is mentioned as "Hannah Hodgkin." Ralph D. Smith wrote: "John's widow m. Joseph Hodgkin." Another record reads: "John's widow, Hannah, m. Jan. 17, 1730, Abraham Hodgkin."

     Children of John and Hannah (LORD) MALTBY. 
CBA.  John Maltby,      b. Sept. 10, 1698. (Saybrook Rec.) Vol. II, p.34. 
CBB.  Nathaniel Maltby, b. Dec. 29, 1700    "    "    Vol. II, p.34. 
CBC.  William      "    b. July 6, 1703     "    "    Vol. II, p.34. 
                           (Not living 1727 when John made his will). 
CBd.  Hannah Maltby,    b. Sept. 18, 1704 (Saybrook Rec.) Vol. II, p.540. 
CBe.  Mary      "       b. July 18, 1708       "     "     "    "     " 
CBf.  Jane      "       b. May 1710            "     "     "    "     " 
CBg.  Dorothy   "       b. April 20, 1715      "     "     "    "     " 


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